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Webinar on Mass Photometry

VMCF (Viničná Microscopy Core Facility) and Specion company invites you to the webinar held by Tomás Garay demonstrating a revolutionary approach to bioanalytics mass photometry.
Čas 22.02.2023
od 09:30 do 11:30
Kontaktní telefon +420605505639
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Webinar by Tomás de Garay

22nd February 2023, 9:30 – 11:30

Registration for the event

Google meet link on the event

Webinar - A Revolutionary Approach to Bioanalytics  Mass Photometry
Středa, 22. února · 09:30–11:30
Informace pro připojení ke Google Meet
Odkaz na videohovor: https://meet.google.com/edn-spta-sdx
Nebo vytočte: ‪(CZ) +420 234 610 871‬ PIN: ‪322 280 314‬#
Další telefonní čísla: https://tel.meet/edn-spta-sdx?pin=7874908005723

Mass photometry analyses biomolecules at the single-particle level, in their native state, and without needing labels. It measures the light scattered by individual particles and uses this signal to count the particles and measure their mass.

Mass photometry measurements provide the mass distribution and relative concentrations of all species in a sample. Mass photometry can characterize proteins, nucleic acids, and other bioparticles. It can be applied to biomolecules in solution or on membranes, accelerating a variety of experimental workflows, including:

• Sample characterization: direct assessment of sample purity and homogeneity during expression and purification

• Protein oligomerization: easy validation of protein mono- or polydispersity to guide formulation or structural biology studies

• Biomolecular interactions: simple quantification of high-affinity interactions among biomolecules

• Macromolecular complex assembly: monitoring of the assembly/disassembly of complexes, over time

With its quantitative and easy-to-interpret results, mass photometry complements existing analytical technologies, providing unique insights or confirmation where needed.

Key benefits of mass photometry

  • Accurate measurement of true native behavior
    • In solution, in a variety of buffers and compatible with membrane proteins
    • Label-free, without the need to modify samples
  • Information on all sub-populations in samples
    • Single-molecule counting
    • Wide mass range and high dynamic range
  • One assay format delivering multiple results
    • Homogeneity, structural integrity, and activity
    • Quick and simple to use
    • Minimal sample required

more information about mass photometry technique at Refeyn.com

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