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Výsledky programu START oznámeny. Podporu získal i student KFGG, Benjamin J Stoker

Program Start je novým programem na podporu vědy na UK, jehož řešiteli se mohou stát studenti doktorského studijního programu na UK. Podporu získal i student doktorského studia na naší katedře, Benjamin J Stoker. Gratulujeme!

Úplný seznam podpořených projektů START naleznete na samostané stránce.

Informace o Benově projektu jsou uvedeny níže.

The response of the northern Laurentide Ice Sheet margin to the Younger Dryas cold period

The Younger Dryas (YD) stadial (12.9-11.7ka) was a major cold event that caused widespread glacier stabilisation, during overall glacier retreat at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). While the response of mountain glaciers to this short-term climate change is well established, the reaction of ice sheets is more ambiguous. Understanding the response of palaeo-ice sheets to this millennial-scale cooling event is important for our ability to predict the future of contemporary ice sheets.

The Laurentide Ice Sheet (LIS) is the largest ephemeral Pleistocene ice sheet, contributing up to 56 m to global sea-level rise following the LGM. This project focuses on the northern margin of the LIS in the Mackenzie Lowlands, Northwest Territories, Canada, where the response of the margin to YD cooling remains poorly understood.
We will use high-resolution remotely sensed data to map glacial landforms across a ~500,000 km2 area in the Mackenzie Lowlands. The mapped landforms and existing chronological data will be used to reconstruct the ice retreat pattern. This will allow us to establish the location of former ice margin standstills and place them within the global climatic framework.

Publikováno: Středa 24.02.2021 02:00

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