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Cover story: Chondrichthyes (sharks, sawfish, skates, rays and chimaeras) consist a species-rich lineage of cartilaginous fishes and occupy a key position in the phylogeny of vertebrates. We sequenced and annotated the complete mitogenomes of four species of sharks and five species of rays. Subsequently, we analyzed the mitogenomes from public databases and we reconstructed the phylogenetic relations of 172 chondrichthyan species by Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference methods based on the concatenated sequences of the 13 protein-coding mitochondrial genes. The present study expands our knowledge on the systematics and genetic differentiation of Chondrichthyes and contributes to our understanding of their evolutionary history.

Titulní stránka časopisu Genes ilustruje článek Kousteni, V.Mazzoleni, S.Vasileiadou, K.Rovatsos, M. Complete Mitochondrial DNA Genome of Nine Species of Sharks and Rays and Their Phylogenetic Placement among Modern Elasmobranchs. Genes 202112, 324. DOI: 10.3390/genes12030324



Publikováno: Čtvrtek 18.03.2021 20:05

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