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Semináře Katedry botaniky

Zimní semestr 2020-21

Due to continuing quarantine regulations (and perhaps more expected to come) the department seminar will be in a hybrid mode.


Speakers will be either online or physically present in the Krajinovka; this will be decided dynamically before each seminar. I expect presenting students to show up in Krajinovka physically (regulations permitting).


Audience: Department members are welcome to physical attendance (under proper distancing & face mask rules  effective at the time of the seminar). There is a Google Meet link which everybody is welcome to join in order to take part in the discussions. The rules for physical attendance may be changing; please keep checking the regulations. NB. We expect all master and PhD students to take part (online)!


The Google Meet link is meet.google.com/sit-ytpn-ojv. (This may change later.)

Seminars organized by the Department of Ecology (Štěpán Janeček; UNCE seminar) run in Zoom (https://cesnet.zoom.us/my/ecology.lectures).



29.9.  Diego Hojsgaard Albrecht-von- Haller Institute for Plant Sciences, Goettingen, Germany Asexuality: genetic basis and ecological effects
6.10. PhD projects opening seminar: Poster session at the yard of the building   Lenka Machová, Markéta Pilneyová, Jakub Štenc, Ömer İltaş, Muhammad Javad Haghighatnia, Juan Maria de Gorospe Ballesteros, Amanda Mateo Beneito, Lukáš Janošík, Mariana Sýkorová
13.10. Štěpán Janeček (Zoom link above) Department of Ecology Plant-sunbird interactions on Mount Cameroon 
20.10. Jana Kulichová Department of Botany What does cryptic morphology tell us about diatoms?
27.10. Ph.D. students seminar   Magdalena Bohutínská: Genomic parallelism in adaptation to alpine environment in two wild Arabidopsis species; Zuzana Škvorová: Unveiling the key factors determining the lichen symbiosis associations; Zuzana Líblová: The importance of climate for trait evolution in Impatiens species
3.11. Ph.D. students seminar   Veronika Konečná: Demographic consequences and adaptive responses to parallel environmental switches; Jakub Starosta: Phylogeography, phylogeny and mating types of Physconia; Terezie Šimáková: Factors determining distribution of Anthoxanthum odoratum and Anthoxanthum alpinum

Petr Keil

(Zoom link above)

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
Integrating patterns, trends, and predictors of biodiversity across spatial scales
17.11. no seminar (holiday)    

UNCE seminar (Velká zoologická posluchárna)

Zoom link

  Tomáš Pánek: Adaptation of eukaryotes to low-oxygen
environments; Martina Pichrtová: Stress tolerance mechanisms of Arctic and Antarctic filamentous green algae (Zygnematophyceae); Petra Frýdlová: Determinate growth is ancestral within Squamates; Daniel Souto Vilarós: Plant-pollinator mediated speciation: from extreme specialization to character divergence
1.12. Rita Batista CNRS/Lille University Uncovering the molecular mechanisms underlying self-incompatibility dominance networks in Arabidopsis
8.12. Vlastík Rybka (students' choice) Pražská botanická zahrada Can we save endangered plant species?
15.12. Mario Mairal Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Department of Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution Extinction debt and biodiversity collapses in island systems
5.1. Erik Aschehoug (students' choice) Department of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management, Norwegian University of Life Sciences Biodiversity, Species Interactions, and Plant Community Structure


Za normálních okolností se  semináře se konají v Krajinově posluchárně (2. patro, Benátská 2, Praha 2); v době omezení výuky vysokých škol jsou v hybridním modu.

Hosté vítáni!

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