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Semináře Katedry botaniky

Letní semestr 2022-23


14.2. flash presentations of department members   Martin Čertner, Ondřej Koukol, Tomáš Koubek, Clément Lafon Placette, Marek Slovák, Petr Sklenář 
21.2. Jörn Gerchen Department of Botany, Charles University Breaking dioecy via experimental evolution
28.2. PhD. students seminar   Sonia Celestini: Adaptive role of whole-genome duplication in natural plant populations; Juan Manuel de Gorospe Ballesteros: Plant radiations in tropical-alpine areas: evaluating the role of evolutionary processes in the diversification of lineages within Asteraceae; Susnata Salony: Drivers and consequences of post-pollination barriers raised by whole genome duplication
7.3. Boris Vannière UMR CNRS Chrono-environment, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Besançon  Global to local fire regime trajectories during the Holocene and beyond
14.3. poster session    
21.3. Martha Kandziora Department of Botany, Charles University Evolution and diversification of some Asterales lineages in two tropical alpine-like ecosystems
28.3. Adam Hastie Departments of Botany and Physical Geography, Charles University Tropical peatlands: the greatest remaining uncertainty in the Amazon basin carbon cycle?
4.4. Toby Spribille Faculty of Science - Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton Do we really  know what lichen symbionts get from each other?
11.4. Julian Resasco  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University Colorado, Boulder Plant-pollinator networks across scales
18.4. Lars Götzenberger and Anna Vojtkó Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Botany Make space for flowers! - Floral and reproductive traits in the spectrum of plant form and function
25.4. Nico Eisenhauer Experimental Interaction Ecology, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), Halle-Jena-Leipzig The dark side of biodiversity
2.5. UNCE seminar  

Tomáš Telenský: Novel approaches to study animal population dynamics and demography, demonstrated on birds; Gabriela Šrámková: Evolutionary history of wild Arabidopsis in Europe; Ondřej Korábek: What causes replacement patterns in the distributions of European land snails?; Jan Hanzelka: What biodiversity is supported by microhabitats formed in tree cavities in boreal forests?

9.5. Christine Römermann Institute of Ecology and Evolution with Herbarium Haussknecht and Botanical Garden,  Friedrich-Schiller University Jena  Variations in plant phenology are linked to plant functional traits and environmental conditions



Semináře se konají v Krajinově posluchárně (B14, 2. patro, Benátská 2, Praha 2) ve tři hodiny odpoledne.

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