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Seminář: Matyáš Fendrych, Ph.D.

Matyáš Fendrych, Ph.D. - Root growth inhibition by auxin – an old story full of surprises
Čas 27.02.2018
od 15:00 do 16:30
Přiložený soubor: 2018_LS_seminar_02_Fendrych.pdf
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Root growth inhibition by auxin – an old story full of surprises


Matyáš Fendrych, Ph.D.



Roots are positively gravitropic, which helps them to anchor the plant in soil and acquire water and nutrients. Gravity is perceived in the columella cells, the signal is transmitted to root epidermal cells via the phytohormone auxin, and epidermal cells react to auxin by regulation of growth. The growth reaction of these cells to auxin thus forms the basis of gravitropism. After a century of research of the problem, we understand neither the physiological nature of the growth reaction to auxin, nor the molecular mechanisms that execute this response. We analyzed this process using live cell imaging, microfluidics, mathematical modelling, and synthetic biology approaches. I will present our results and the vision and scope of my newly-established laboratory.

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Invitation HERE.


Publikováno: Úterý 20.02.2018 00:00

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