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Research grants - The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour - do 1. 10. 2014

Research Grants

Aim: To help (i) promising pilot research projects that are at too early a stage to attract funding from larger funding agencies such as the Research Councils, and (ii) small-scale projects, that, although worthwhile, are unlikely to attract funding from alternative sources. Grants may be made to allow the applicant to travel to conduct collaborative research, or to bring a collaborator to the applicant's institution for the same purpose. Research projects in all areas of animal behaviour, defined as the sphere of interest of papers published in Animal Behaviour, will be considered.

Eligibility:Applicants must be current members of ASAB; please note thatmembership must be held for a minimum of 1 year prior to applying for funds (dated from postmark on the membership application). The fund is open to all applicants who have a PhD, regardless of age and experience, although in the event of competition for funds preference may be given to applicants early in their career and first-time applicants. Retrospective applications will not be considered. Grants will not be awarded to postgraduate students in order to fund work to be submitted for their degree.

Awards: Funds may be awarded for equipment, research expenses, the salary of a research assistant or self, provided that payment is made on an approved scale. Travel and subsistence expenses may also be funded if it is necessary to travel to another site to undertake the research. Grants will not exceed £7500, although applications for much smaller amounts are encouraged. Funds are competitive and the amounts requested and their justification may be taken into account in decisions for funding.

Application date: Applications should be received by 1st February, 1st June or 1st October, by the Secretary of the Grants Committee.

Application format: Applicants should download the application formhere. Applications should be saved using the file name surnameRG.docxand submitted to the Secretary of the Grants Committee as an email attachment.


vložila: Darina Koubínová

Publikováno: Úterý 10.06.2014 12:05

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