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Interdisciplinary Workshop Grants - The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour - nejpozději do 1. 11. 2014

Interdisciplinary Workshop Grants

Aim: An exciting new venue for interdisciplinary discussions on current topics at the interface between Animal Behaviour and other disciplines (e.g. Physics, Engineering, Genetics, Psychology…).

Format: A 2-day meeting focused on a specific theme comprising invited plenary lectures, selected contributions and the possibility of structured discussions and/or round-table sessions.

Selection process: A maximum of one workshop proposal will be selected each year on a competitive basis by the Grants Committee using the criteria of scientific excellence, timeliness and inter-disciplinary links, to encourage broad, synthetic topics. The Grants Committee reserve the right to discuss and negotiate different aspects of the proposal with the applicant(s), including topics, selection of speakers, format, additional sponsorship, registration fees, choice of venue, timing of the workshop.

Funding: The ASAB Workshop Grant will contribute a maximum of £5,000 towards the organisation of the Workshop. The organisers are expected to raise funding to cover additional costs through registration fees and sponsorships. Applicants are also encouraged to seek co-funding with other Academic Societies to ensure the cross disciplinary nature of the workshops.

Eligibility: Any ASAB member can apply for the ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop Grant.

Timing of the Workshop: Applicants will have freedom to identify the most appropriate timing for the workshop, within the calendar year starting 6 months after the submission date.

Venue: Applicants should identify their own venue for the workshop to suit specific requirements (logistic, financial…). The Grants Committee reserve the right to discuss the choice of venue with applicants and suggest more suitable alternatives.

Publication output: Contributions from the Workshop can result in a special (i.e. 13th) issue in Animal Behaviour, subject to peer review and editorial approval. Successful applicants are responsible for editing a peer-reviewed theme issue for AB, to be submitted within 6 months from the completion of the workshop.

Applications should be made on the ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop Grant application form, which is available to download here.

Applications should be submitted to the Secretary of the Grants Committee, no later than 1st November.


vložila: Darina Koubínová

Publikováno: Úterý 10.06.2014 12:30

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