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More than a root: the systematics and evolution of gingers

Axel Dalberg Poulsen, Head of Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum, Oslo. Seminář Katedry botaniky.
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Čas 24.03.2015
od 15:00 do 16:30
Místo Krajinova posluchárna (B12)
Kontaktní telefon 221951661
Přiložený soubor: Axel 2015, seminář
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Hornstedtia scottiana
Hornstedtia scottiana
Wild gingers are common in the forest understorey in all tropical regions. In addition, many species are useful as food, medicine or have a potential as ornamentals. At the same time, very little attention has been made to sort out their taxonomy and clarify their distribution. Gingers in the Indo-Pacific Region are very rich in species and a preliminary dated phylogeny indicates that the family spread from west to east across Wallace's Line with subsequent radiation.
Publikováno: Pátek 20.03.2015 11:40

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