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12. 4. 2016

Natural variation in nutrient content in Arabidopsis and beyond


Prof. Dr. Stanislav Kopriva

(Cologne Biocenter, Köln)



Understanding the control of mineral nutrient homeostasis is a key pre-requisite of attempts towards reducing the dependence of crop yields on high levels of fertilizer. Among the most promising approaches is the exploitation of natural variation. We have used QTL analysis to find loci responsible for variation in sulfate content in Arabidopsis Bay-0 x Shahdara population. Two of the underlying genes encode isoforms of consecutive enzymes in sulfate assimilation pathway ATP sulfurylase and APS reductase. The APR2 isoform of APS reductase has been independently found to be responsible for high accumulation of total sulfur and sulfate in several other Arabidopsis accessions. Genome wide association mapping of anion contents in Arabidopsis and in Brassica napus revealed number of other candidate genes potentially responsible for control of nutrient homeostasis. The power and the pitfalls of this genetic approach will be discussed.




PDF pozvánka na přednášku ke stažení.

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Kopriva


Born: March 13, 1967 in České Budějovice, Czech Republic



Charles University, Department of Biochemistry, Prague 1985-1990

  • Graduation with honors, M.Sc., 1990
  • Diplom Thesis: Interaction of cytochrom P-450IIB1 with fluoresceinisothiocyanate

Grammar School Prague, 1981-1985



  • Professor of Plant Biochemistry, Institute of Botany, University of Cologne from 10/2013
  • Project leader, John Innes Institute, Norwich, UK, 9/2004 – 9/2013
  • Research assistant (C1; assistant professor), Institute of Tree Physiology, Freiburg, Germany,  9/1999 – 7/2004

      Habilitation, Venia legendi for Tree Physiology:  July 2004

  • Postdoctoral assistant, Institute of Plant Physiology, Bern, Switzerland,   2/1997 – 8/1999
  • Research fellow, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Protein Biochemistry group,  Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben, Germany,  1996
  • Postgraduate Student, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Photosynthesis group, Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research, Gatersleben, Germany,  1992-1995 Ph.D. Thesis: The glycine decarboxylase multienzyme complex of Flaveria: Expression study and phylogenetic analysis, Martin Luther University Halle, 1996, magna cum laude
  • Research Fellow, Department of Biochemistry, Charles University, Prague  1990-1991


Professional activities:

Deputy Speaker of Cluster of Excellence on Plant Science (CEPLAS)

Scientific degree "Doctor of Science" from Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 2009

Editorial board of Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Experimental Botany, Frontiers in Plant Chemodiversity and Metabolism, Editorial Advisory Board for Plant Sciences section of Encyclopedia of Life Sciences

Member of German Botanical Society

Organiser of 2nd Sulphyton Meeting on Plant Sulfur Research, 2009

Coordinator of Marie Curie BIONUT Initial Training Network


Research interests:

Plant nutrition, regulation of sulfur and nitrogen metabolism, plant microbe interactions, mycorrhiza-symbiosis, C4 photosynthesis

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