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1. 11. 2022

Protein-lipid interfaces in plant membranes perceived through evolutionary lenses: the exocyst complex as a model



Ing. Martin Potocký, Ph.D. 

(Institute of Experimental Botany
of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v. v. i.


The molecular processes at the border between plasma membrane and cytoplasm are crucial for many aspects of plant cell life. Despite this, we know surprisingly little about the crosstalk and evolutionary dynamics between membrane lipids and peripheral membrane proteins. Targeted secretion of the plasma membrane and cell wall material drives plant cell polarity and morphogenesis. Evolutionarily conserved vesicle tethering complex exocyst regulates this vital process and serves as an ideal model for protein-lipid interface studies. In my talk, I will overview our knowledge of the exocyst roles in plant cells. I will present data suggesting that plant exocyst acquired several unique features that govern its membrane recruitment and, ultimately, its function during the evolution of plant cells.  

For online seminar join:  meet.google.com/qhf-etyu-sna

CV of the speaker HERE.

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