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Interactions of the Plant Cytoskeleton with Cell membranes



Professor Patrick J Hussey BSc. PhD. FRSB

(Department of Biosciences, University of Durham)


Plants do not have the wide variety of adaptor proteins to produce the specialized sites of interaction between actin and membranes that are present in animal cells. However, actin-membrane interactions within plant cells are critical for the positioning of subcellular compartments, for coordinating intercellular communication, and for membrane deformation. Novel factors are therefore likely to provide interfaces at actin-membrane contacts in plants. Here the plant specific NETWORKED (NET) superfamily of actin-binding proteins will be described and recent developments on the molecular mechanism of the actin cytoskeleton - membrane interaction will be discussed.

Please see his web page for further details and a selection of publications.

Invitation to the seminar HERE.

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