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Student theses

(year of defence in parentheses)



Telenský T. (2018): Impact of climate change on Czech bird populations.

Hanzelka J. (2016): Bird communities in stands of non-native trees.

Koschová M. (2016): The impact of climate and land-use changes on birds.

Koleček J. (2013): Changes in bird abundance and distribution in Central and Eastern Europe: evironmental causes and effect of legal protection.



Kroftová M. (2016): The effect of an increasing coverage of invasive black locust on bird communities in forest stands.

Bušek O. (2015): How do bird species richness and abundance differ between military training areas and surrounding landscape? A case study from the Hradiště military area.

Říhová J. (2015): Long-term population trends of birds in North America and Europe: a metaanalysis of existing studies.

Štěpánková K. (2015): Predictors of global threat level in sister bird species.

Birčák T. (2014): Forest bird community composition: patterns and their drivers.

Vlnová L. (2014): Long-term development of selected landscape features related to agricultural and environmental politics.

Jiran M. (2013): Interspecific territoriality between Common Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) and Thrush Nightingale (Luscinia luscinia).

Hajzlerová L. (2012): Bird communities in the invasive knotweed (Reynoutria sp. div.).

Hanzelka J. (2012): Intraspecific variablity in population trends of farmland birds: influence of habitat and altitude.

Koschová M. (2011): The ecological traits correlating with predicted shifts of European breeding ranges in Czech birds.



Fesenko V. (2018): Bird population trends in Eastern Europe.

Mantičová M. (2018): Effectivennes of wader conservation.

Neubergová K. (2018): The impact of invasive plants on bird communities.

Rajmonová L. (2017): The importance of woodlots for birds in farmland.

Hadravová A. (2014): Invasive species of mammals in Europe.

Houdová M. (2014): Bird mortality at transparent barriers.

Hromádková Š. (2014): Invertabrate succession on open cast post mining sites in response to the type of restoration.

Kroftová M. (2014): Birds in vegetation of invasive alien plant species.

Bušek O. (2013): Military training areas as anthropogenic biodiversity refuges.

Matlášková G. (2013): Approaches to management of habitat heterogeneity in terms of maintenance of bird species richness in military training areas.

Šťěpánková K. (2012): Interspecific hybridization in birds: lessons for conservation.

Vodička J. (2012): The effect of agri-environmental schemes on biodiversity.

Prylová K. (2011): Trends in structure of bird communities in the Czech Republic: from diversity to homogenization.

Ráslová P. (2011): Decline of Czech populations of the most threatened wetland birds: comparing evidence for drivers in the Czech and foreign literature.

Krsová M. (2010): Homogenization of species composition in avian communities.

Jakubíková L. (2009): How does protected bird species perform?

Koschová M. (2008): Impact of global climate change on birds.

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