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Jan Hanzelka

Discovering mechanisms underlying spatial patterns in long-term population trends of European birds.


Selected recent publications:

Koleček J., Reif J., Šálek M., Hanzelka J., Sottas C., Kubelka V. (2021): Global population trends in shorebirds: migratory behaviour makes species at risk. Science of Nature 108: 9.

Reif J., Hanzelka J. (2020): Continent-wide gradients in open-habitat insectivorous bird declines track spatial patterns in agricultural intensity across Europe. Global Ecology and Biogeography 29: 1988-2013

Hanzelka J., Horka P., Reif J. (2019): Spatial gradients in country-level population trends of European birds. Diversity and Distributions 25: 1527-1536.


Tomáš Telenský

Development of new kinds of population models to find demographic parametres responsible for population limitation in birds.


Selected recent publications:

Šťastný K., Bejček V., Mikuláš I., Telenský T. (2021): Atlas of breeding bird distribution in the Czech Republic 2014-2017. Aventinum, Praha.

Telenský T., Klvaňa P., Jelínek M., Cepák J., Reif J. (2020): The influence of climate variability on demographic rates of avian Afro‑palearctic migrants. Scientific Reports 10: 17592.


Jaroslav Koleček

Linking breeding and non-breeding grounds of migratory species using modern tracking methods to inform the population models.


Selected recent publications:

Koleček J., Piálková R., Piálek L., Šulc M., Hughes A.E., Brlík V., Procházka P., Požgayová M., Čapek M., Sosnovcová K., Štětková G., Valterová R., Honza M. (2021): Spatiotemporal patterns of egg laying in the common cuckoo. Animal Behaviour 177: 107-116.

Briedis M., Bauer S., Adamík P., Alves J.A., Costa J.S., Emmenegger T., Gustafsson L., Koleček J., Krist M., Liechti F., Lisovski S., Meier C.M., Procházka P., Hahn S. (2021): Broad-scale patterns of the Afro-Palaearctic landbird migration. Global Ecology and Biogeography 29: 722-735.

Brlík V., Koleček J., 63 co-authors, Procházka P. (2020): Weak effects of geolocators on small birds: a meta-analysis controlled for phylogeny and publication bias. Journal of Animal Ecology 89: 207-220.

Sosnovcová K., Požgayová M., Procházka P., Honza M., Koleček J. (2020): Within-season dispersal does not protect re-nesting great reed warblers (Acrocephalus arundinaceus) from repeated common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) parasitism. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 74: 69.


Emilia Grzedzicka

Investigation of the impacts of invasive plant species on animal populations.


Selected recent publications:

Grzędzicka E., Reif J. (2021): The impact of Sosnowsky's Hogweed on feeding guilds of birds. Journal of Ornithology 162: 1115-1128.

Grzędzicka E., Reif J. (2020): Impacts of an invasive plant on bird communities differ along a habitat gradient. Global Ecology and Conservation 23: e01150.

Grzędzicka E. (2020): Impact of road distance and experimental challenge of the maternal immune system on the offspring immunocompetence. Ornis Fennica 97: 101-111.


Javier Rivas Salvador


Revealing the causes and consequences of ecological specialization in birds.


Selected recent publications:

Rivas-Salvador J., Aguilera-Alcala N., Tella J.L., Carrete M. (2021): Assessing the introduction of exotic raptors into the wild from falconry. Biological Invasions 23: 1131-1140.

Rivas-Salvador J., Štrobl M., Kadlec T., Saska P., Reif J. (2021): A non-native woody plant compromises conservation benefits of mid-field woodlots for birds in farmland. Global Ecology and Conservation 26: e01458.

Rivas-Salvador J., Hořák D., Reif J. (2019): Spatial patterns in habitat specialization of European bird communities. Ecological Indicators 105: 57-69.


PhD students

Adriana Hološková

Evaluation of the role of food supply for insectivorous farmland birds as a factor resposible for their recent declines.

Recent publications:

Nusová G., Urin M., Hološková A., Kaňuch P. (2021): The first breeding records of Pipistrellus nathusii in Slovakia (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae). Lynx 50: 109-112.

Hološková A., Reif J. (2020): Changes in invertebrate food supply as one of the mechanisms of agricultural intensification impacts on farmland bird populations. Sylvia 56: 3-23.



Filip Szarvas

Assessment of the processes involved in shaping population trends of forest bird species at different spatial scales.

Recent publications:

Reif J., Szarvas F. and Šťastný K. (2021): 'Tell me where the birds have gone' – Reconstructing historical influence of major environmental drivers on bird populations from memories of ornithologists of an older generation. Ecological Indicators 129: 107909.



Lenka Dvořáková (maiden name Rajmonová)

Finding the processes responsible for maintaining biodiversity refugees in intensively managed agricultural landscapes.


Recent publications:

Rajmonová L., Reif J. (2018): Significance of non-forest woody vegetation for birds in farmland. Sylvia 54: 3-24.






Master students

Kateřina Rohová

Population trends and conservation status of island endemics in birds: a global analysis. 






Václav Bystřický

Bird communities in abandoned military training areas.




Jan Grünwald

Exploration of population trends of urban birds in respect to their ecological traits.


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