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4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge 2021

Chcete pracovat v multidisciplinárním týmu a řešit skutečnou městskou výzvu společně se 75 studenty z devíti různých univerzit z celé Evropy? Přihlaste se do 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge 2021 již nyní a reprezentujte Univerzitu Karlovu. UHCC není pouze soutěží, ale jedná se rovněž o volitelný kurz (MZ340A01). Uzávěrka přihlášek je 18. října 2021.

The Urban Health Case Challenge (UHCC) is a new initiative under the 4EU+ (European University Alliance). It addresses urban changes in relation to health and demographic transformation. In 2021, the case challenge (case competition) will focus on how the quality of urban space and social interaction in urban space can help in the prevention and mitigation of mental health issues on an emotional, psychological and social level and thus to ensure the well-being of the inhabitants and strengthening social cohesion. Participating students will work in teams of five students on a solution to a given case question that will be provided by the City of Mannheim.

Six 4EU+ partner universities (Heidelberg University, Charles University, University of Milan, Sorbonne University, University of Warsaw, University of Copenhagen) have each ten spaces to be divided into two teams. In addition, Uppsala University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Mannheim take part with one guest team each.

In a case challenge (also often called a case competition) the participating student teams strive to develop the best solution to a real-world issue within a limited time-span. Each team presents their solution in front of an expert jury at a pitching session on the last day of the case challenge. All teams receive pitch training to prepare them for the final presentation.

The aim is to strengthen university students’ competencies and engagement in solutions to real-world cases through employment of practical, theoretical, innovative and interdisciplinary thinking. Students will work in mixed teams, to network and learn from and with each other, faculty, the external case provider and other stakeholders. Students will learn to work innovatively and cross-disciplinarily to solve complex case problems, train their pitch skills and practice task and time management.

UHCC will start on October 29 with a series of online sessions (November 12 and 19, December 3) that will provide background knowledge, ranging from psychological perspectives to behavioral economic approaches and urban planning aspects. The participants will also receive training in methods to guide innovation in urban health and pitching of results and solutions. The teams will also be trained in developing their ideas so they can present them convincingly at the finals.

The actual challenge will take place in December 9-12, 2021. On the case challenge first day, the exact articulation of the case question will be revealed. The case question will be wide enough to meet the realities of several cities in Europe. The teams will join to work on their innovative solutions. The actual work stretches over five days, and combines local team work at each university, with joint online sessions for all teams including an opening event, lectures on pitch and innovation, and a final pitch and feedback session with a jury panel. On December 12, the last day of the competition, the teams will pitch their solutions for five minutes to an international jury of experts. All teams will receive feedback on their ideas. The winning team may be given the opportunity to put the proposed idea into practice.

It is mandatory to join the live online opening session on December 9 and the full-day session December 12 where all solutions are to be presented, and the winner team is announced at the very end. The remaining days it is up to each team to organize themselves in order to come up with the best solution.

If you want to participate in the challenge, please send an application with the following information to Julie Hubeňáková, julie.hubenakova@ruk.cuni.cz and Luděk Sýkora, sykora@natur.cuni.cz by October 18th, 2021:

  • Full name, CU student´s number
  • Study programme and level (bachelor, master, PhD)
  • A short and concise motivation for joining the case challenge (maximum 10 sentences).

Based on the application, will be selected to represent Charles University in the UHCC 2021.

In the case of doctoral studies, you can discuss with dissertation supervisor to include the Urban Health Case Challenge (UHCC) in your ISP's individual study plan.


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