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Postdoktorské pozice v Ústavu živočišné fyziologie a genetiky AV ČR, v. v. i.

Ústav živočišné fyziologie a genetiky AV ČR, v. v. i. vypisuje řadu postdoktorských pozic vhodných pro absolventy řady oborů z naší fakulty.


Recruitment for Postdoctoral Researchers
(Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, Czech Academy of Sciences)



We invite applications of several Postdoctoral Researchers for independent labs. Please see specific profiles at the NCBI and www.iapg.cas.cz/en/

Projects available on: 

1) Hybrid asexuality as a reproductive isolation mechanism: the role of clonal gametogenesis and embryogenesis in speciation (Karel Janko), keywords: gametogenesis, embryogenesis, transcriptomics, bioinformatics

2) Genomic and adaptive basis of physiological differentiation in natural populations (Petr Kotlik), keywords: adaptation, genomics, bioinformatics

3) Protein kinases involved in regulation of translation (Michal Kubelka), keywords: signaling, kinase, translation

4) NGS analyses of gut microbiome (Jan Mrazek), keywords: bioinformatics, gut microbiome, NGS

5) Transcriptomics in oocytes and early embryos (Radek Prochazka, Jozef Laurincik), keywords: transcriptomics, embryo, oocyte

6) Metabolism of RNA (Andrej Susor), keywords: RNA, translation


The posts require people, who would play an active role in experiment planning, data analysis, manuscript preparation and data presentation. The applicants will also contribute to the development of research ideas and collaborations. Candidates with excellent molecular biology and/or cell biology and/or imaging skills and/or bioinformatics will be considered. Candidates are required to have strong interpersonal skills and outstanding written and spoken English to collaborate with a diverse team of scientists and should have recently accomplished their Ph.D. degree.

Candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter summarizing:
- A description of their accomplishments.
- Their research interests and their vision on the critical biological questions in the field.
- A contact information on 3 relevant people for references.

Please choose from the above mentioned a project relevant for your expertise and put the chosen project title in the email Subject.

Please send your applications to project manager Michal Schmoranz schmoranz@iapg.cas.cz

Keywords: transcriptome, microbiome, NGS, cilia, development, signaling, bioinformatics, oocyte, embryo, gametogenesis, embryogenesis, kinases, translation, genomics, adaptation, bioinformatics…


Publikováno: Pátek 21.07.2017 14:55

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