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doc. RNDr. Václav Kachlík, CSc.

Physical Geology, Regional Geology, Tectonics, Stratigraphy


Phone: +420 221951466
Office: P16 A
E-mail: kachliknatur.cuni.cz

ORCID 0000-0002-6005-4823
Researcher ID H-1289-2011
Scopus ID 6505803791

Professional Experience

Lecturer - Charles University 2002 - date
Assistant Lecturer - Charles University 1986 - 2002


PhD, Charles University 1986-1992
PhD, University of Glasgow 1992 (1 month)
RNDr., Charles University 1984
MSc., Charles University 1984

Research Interests

  • Geology, geochemistry, geochronology and tectonic of Crystalline Complexes
  • Pre-Variscan and Variscan development of the Bohemian Massif
  • Regional geology of the Czech Republic and  of the World


  • Regional Geology of the Czech Republic
  • Geology of the World
  • Introduction to Physical Geology
  • Natural Hazards
  • Geological Mapping

Selected Publications

Ackerman, L., Žák, J., Kachlík, V., Pašava, J., Žák, K., Pack, A., Veselovský, F., Strnad, L., 2023. The significance of cherts as markers of Ocean Plate Stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental conditions: New insights from the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Blovice accretionary wedge, Bohemian Massif. Geoscience Frontiers 14, 101478.

Novák, M., Andronikov, A.V., Holmden, C., Erban Kochergina, Y.V., Veselovský, F., Pačes, T., Vítková, M., Kachlík, V., Šebek, O., Hruška, J., Štěpánová, M., Čuřík, J., Přechová, E., Fottová, D., Andronikova, I.E., Erban, V., Koubová, M., Vostrá, I., Housková, M., Komárek, A., 2023. δ26Mg, δ44Ca and 87Sr/86Sr isotope differences among bedrock minerals constrain runoff generation in headwater catchments: An acidified granitic site in Central Europe as an example. CATENA 221, 106780.


Santolík, V., Ackerman, L., Kachlík, V., Sláma, J., Mészárosová, N., 2022. Petrogenesis of low-pressure intra-oceanic arc granitoids: Insights from the late Neoproterozoic Avalonian–Cadomian orogen, Bohemian Massif. Lithos 428-429, 106808.

Ackerman, L., Žák, J., Žák, K., Pašava, J., Kachlík, V., Hora, J., Veselovský, F., Hajná, J., 2022. Carbon, oxygen, and strontium isotopic fingerprint in Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian limestones in an active margin setting: A record of local environment or global changes? Precambrian Research 370, 106538.

Ackerman, L., Žák, J., Kachlík, V., Svojtka, M., Tomek, F., Santolík, V., Sláma, J., Trubač, J., Strnad, L., Vacek, F., 2022. The diversity of sources of late Archean granites reflects a transition from plume-dominated to plate tectonics in the Superior Province, Canada. Precambrian Research 370, 106525.

Ackerman, L. – Pašava, J. – Žák, J. – Žák, K. – Kachlík, V. – Šebek, O. – Trubač, J. – Svojtka, M. – Veselovský, F. – Strnad, L. – Santolík, V. (2021): Arc-related black shales as sedimentary archives of sea-level fluctuations and plate tectonics during the late Neoproterozoic: An example from the Bohemian Massif.  –  Marine and Petroleum Geology, 104713.

Žák, J., Tomek, F., Svojtka, M., Vacek, F., Kachlík, V., Ackerman, L., Ježek, J., Petronis, M.S., 2021. Distributed crustal shortening followed by transpressional shearing in the Superior Province, northeastern Canada: A Late Archean analogy to modern accretionary plate margins? Precambrian Research 362, 106322.

Čech, S., Kachlík , V., Hošek, J., Hroch, T., 2021. Vysvětlivky k základní geologické mapě České republiky 1: 25 000, , list 13-412 Přelouč. . Česká geologická služba, Praha.

Čech, S., Kachlík , V., Hošek, J., Hroch, T., 2021. Základní geologická mapa České republiky 1:25 000, list 13-412 Přelouč.  RIV/00025798:_____/21:00000061. Česká geologická služba, Praha.

Ackerman, L., Hajná, J., Žák J, Erban, V., Sláma, J., Polák, L., Kachlík,. V, Strnad, L., Trubač, J., 2019 Architecture and composition of ocean floor subducted beneath northen Gondwana during Neoproterozoic to Cambrian; a palinsplastic reconstruction based on Ocean Plate Stratigraphy (OPS) Gondwana Research , 76, 77-97.

Jedličková, T., Svobodová, M., Kachlík, V. 2019. Geology at the lower secondary educational level (ISCED 2): Comparison of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovenia and Poland.  Scientia in educatione in presss

Hajná J, Žák J, Dörr W, Kachlík V, Sláma J. 2018.  New constaints from detrital zircon ages on                   prolonged multiphase transition from the Cadomian accretionary orogen to a passive                             margion of Gondwana. Precambrian Research 317: 159–178

Kachlík, V. 2017. Geologie Českého ráje a krystalinika v okolí Železného Brodu. Exkurze České                geologické společnosti, 41/Jaro 2017, 64p. 

Faryad, S.W., Kachlík, V., Slama, J. and Jedlicka, R., 2016. Coincidence of gabbro and granulite formation and their implication for Variscan HT metamorphism in the Moldanubian Zone (Bohemian Massif), example from the Kutna Hora Complex. Lithos, 264: 56-69.

Faryad, S.W., Kachlík, V., Slama, J. and Hoinkes, G., 2015. Implication of corona formation in a metatroctolite to the granulite facies overprint of HP-UHP rocks in the Moldanubian Zone (Bohemian Massif). Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 33(3): 295-310.

Hajna, J., Zak, J. and Kachlík, V., 2014. Growth of accretionary wedges and pulsed ophiolitic melange formation by successive subduction of trench-parallel volcanic elevations. Terra Nova, 26(4): 322-329.


For  more complete  bibliography see ORCID iD icon orcid.org/0000-0002-6005-4823 or Google Scholar or  Research Gate

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