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To be accepted by the Charles University, please follow the instructions here:

If you are an Erasmus student who has already been accepted by Charles University, the Faculty of Science (You have received the Letter of Admission ), you receive an informative email about the Orientation Days.

Erasmus students are invited to join the Orientation Days, because it makes their start in Prague and at the faculty easier. The Orientation Days usually begin at the Faculty Erasmus Office. During these days, students get informed about important issues concerning their stay in Prague and their enrolment is done. A guided tour around the main buildings (departments, institutes, libraries, canteen, etc.) is usually prepared by Czech students and departmental Erasmus coordinators and the Buddy Programme is introduced.

Also non-Erasmus international students can attend the Orientation Days.


After your arrival:

1. Check in to your dormitory

Application for accommodation (dormitory) is a part of Erasmus online application procedure. If you are non-Erasmus student and you wish to stay in a dormitory, you can ask the faculty foreign department (foreign@natur.cuni.cz).

Basic information about the Charles University dormitories can be found here: https://www.cuni.cz/UK-2073.html. A majority of Erasmus and other international students stay at the Hostivař dormitory (https://kam.cuni.cz/KAMEN-55.html) or at the Hvězda dormitory (https://kam.cuni.cz/KAMEN-51.html).

2. Visit the Erasmus Office of the Faculty of Science

Address:  Na Slupi 16,  128 43  Praha 2,  https://mapy.cz/s/1qNu8
The office is located in a house on the right behind the entrance to the Botanical Garden on the 2nd floor.

Connection:  Tram Nr. 14, 18, 24 – Tram stop "Botanická zahrada" (Botanical Garden)
You can find your connection here:  https://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/praha/spojeni/

Check the office hours before your visit: 

Before you visit the Faculty Erasmus Office, please, check if you have:

  • passport or ID Card number
  • permanent address in your home country
  • address in Prague
  • insurance (name of your insurance company, your policy number)
  • Letter of Admission  and other Erasmus documents

Non-Erasmus international student are invited to enrol in the Faculty Erasmus Office too.
Please, remember to take all documents concerning your stay at CU with you.

In the Faculty Erasmus Office, you receive a student book and a student coupon that is necessary for obtaining your Student ID Card. Without the coupon, it is not possible to get your Student ID Card !

In the Faculty Erasmus office, you also get informed about Emergency Assistance provided by the Faculty of Science and Charles University. More information can be found here:

With the assistance of the Faculty Erasmus Office staff, you also register for courses based on your Learning Agreement  through the Student Information System – SIS (https://is.cuni.cz/studium/eng). Changes of your Learning Agreement  are usually applicable within 3 weeks after beginning of the semester.

3. Getting your Student ID Card in the University Issue Centre

After you have visited the Faculty Erasmus Office and you have received the student coupon, you can visit one of Charles University Issue Centres to get you Student ID Card.

The closest one is at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics:
Address:  Ke Karlovu 3,  121 16  Praha 2

Office hours: 
Monday13:00 – 17:00
Tuesday   8:00 – 12:00  and  12:30 – 17:00
Wednesday   8:00 – 12:00  and  12:30 – 17:00
Thursday13:00 – 17:00

Student ID card may be issued with (200 CZK) or without ISIC licence (for free). With the card, you also obtain login and password for faculty online applications (SIS – Student Information System, libraries, etc.) and internet access in dormitories and at the faculty (computer rooms).
The ID card also permits holders to get discounted public transport pass.

Non-Erasmus international students (or Erasmus students who don’t attend Orientation days) have to register in the Faculty Erasmus Office first. Only upon the registration, it is possible to obtain the Student ID card.



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