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You too can help our atlases and globes

Overview of collection maps, atlases and globes ready for restoration


As part of the ongoing TEMAP project (Technology to Access the Map Collections of the CR)  the Map Collection obtained funds for records (Ministry of Culture: 12 mil. CZK). Through this project, it was possible to professionally catalog and digitize documents. Thanks to the extensive renovation of the main room and depository safe, documents are stored in a quality, protected environment (CU FS: 8 mil. CZK). Digitized documents are available to the general public online through the Digital Repository of Charles University.

Unfortunately we are still lacking funds to restore old maps, globes and atlases. Inadequate storage conditions for certain documents or improper handling has unfortunately over time taken its toll on their physical condition. Even though some of these manuscripts are unique works, it has been difficult to obtain funding for their restoration. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to address all fans of old maps who might like to sponsor the restoration of rare documents in our collection. Play your part in protecting our national cultural heritage so that it may be preserved for future generations!


Contact details:

PhDr. Mgr. Eva Novotná

Mapová sbírka, Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2

phone: + 420 221 951 355

email: novotn48@natur.cuni.cz

Bank details:

Univerzita Karlova, Přírodovědecká fakulta,

Albertov 6, 128 43 Praha 2

IN: 00216208

VAT ID: CZ00216208

Bank account: 38533021/0100


Sample donation agreement Here.


We are enclosing a list of select documents which require immediate restoration:


DOPPELMAYR, Johann Gabriel. Neuer Atlas. Nuernberg: Johann Baptista Homann, 1712. 1 atlas.



Einleitung zur Geographie. [S.l.: s.n., between 1740 and 1770?]. 1 collector's atlas.



REILLY, Franz Johann Josef von. Des Schauplatzes der fünf Theile der Welt. Wien: [Franz Johann Josef von Reilly], 1806. 1 atlas.



[Atlante mondiale]. [S.l.: s.n., between 1695 and 1715?]. 1 collector's atlas. Maps from F. de Wit and G. Sanson.



MERCATOR, Gerhard. Gerardi Mercatoris et I. Hondii atlas. Amsterdam: beÿ Henrico Hondio, 1633. 1 atlas.






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