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B/M = Course suitable more for Bachelor / Master / PhD students


Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry  ( 2600 )
SIS code Course Semester               B/M
MC260P78 Macromolecular Chemistry  II WT 3/2 C+Ex 
MC260P59 Quantum Chemistry WT 2/1 Ex
MC260P82 Electronic Structure of Complex Molecular Systems and Biomolecules WT 2/2 Ex
MC260S46A Seminar WT 0/2 C
MC260P105 Statistical Thermodynamics WT 2/0 Ex     M
MC260P79 Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlos Methods WT 2/1 Ex     M
MC260P91 Advanced Methods of Molecular Dynamics WT 2/0 Ex     M
MC260P14 Vibrational Spectroscopy ST 2/1 Ex
MC260P84 Electronically Excited states in nano- and bio-systems ST 2/0 Ex
MC260P24 Physics WT 2/0 Ex
NFOE002 Physics I – Basic Course ST 2/2 C+Ex B
MC260P05 Fotochemistry WT 2/0 Ex
MC260P08 Molecular Symmetry ST 2/1 Ex
MC260P106 Mezoscopic Modeling WT 2/0 Ex
MC260P96 Structure and Dynamics of Nucleic Acids ST 2/0 Ex

Department of Analytical Chemistry  ( 2300 )
SIS code Course Semester B/M
MC230C11 Laboratory Training in Analytical Chemistry WT 0/4 C B
MC230C18E Laboratory Training in Analytical Chemistry WT, ST 0/2 C B
MC230C07N Laboratory Training in Analytical Chemistry ST 0/3 C B
MC230C14N Laboratory Course in Classical Methods of Analysis WT 0/3 Ex B+M
MC230P32 Toxicology WT 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230P21 Principles of Sampling WT 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230P65 Advances in Analytical Spectrometric Methods WT 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230P63 Advances in Separation Science ST 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230P80 Introduction to Electroanalytical Chemistry ST 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230P81 Analytical Spectrometry ST 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230P09 Chemometry ST 2/0 Ex B+M
MC230C17 Laboratory Course on Advanced Spetrometric Methods both 0/2 days C     M
MC230C04 Advanced Laboratory Course WT 0/8 Ex     M
MC230P62 Advances in Electroanalytical Chemistry WT 2/0 Ex     M

Department of Inorganic Chemistry  ( 2400,  SIS )
!) Courses marked "M" (on this department) require completed education in bachelor level,
   they are prepared for master (or PhD) students only!
SIS code Course Semester B/M
MC240P29E Inorganic Chemistry  WT 2/2 C+Ex B
MC240C22E Laboratory Technique  WT 0/4 C B
MC240C40E Laboratory Technique  ST 0/4 C B
MC240C11NE Inorganic Laboratory Course (biochemistry and education) ST 0/5 days C B
MC240T37E Chemical Industry Field Trip  ST 1 week /0 C B+M
MC240P42E Coordination chemistry  I  WT 2/2 Ex B+M
MC240P60 Crystalography B (Basic)  both 2/0 Ex B+M
MC240P33E Introduction to Study of Inorganic Materials  ST 2/1 Ex B+M
MC240P32E Stereochemistry  ST 2/1 Ex B+M
MC240P46E Chemistry of Atmosphere  ST 2/0 Ex B+M
MC240P53E Solid State Chemistry  ST 2/0 Ex B+M
MC240P27E Introduction to Vibrational Molecular Spectroscopy  WT 2/0 Ex     M !)
MC240P28E Methods and Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy  ST 2/0 Ex     M !)
MC240P10E Electronic Spectroscopy and Magnetochemistry of Inorganic Compounds  ST 2/0 Ex     M !)
MC240P31E Bioinorganic Chemistry  ST 2/0 Ex     M !)
MC240P20E Chemistry of Organoelement Compounds  ST 2/1 Ex     M !)
MC240P54E Molecular Imaging in Biomedicine  ST 2/0 Ex     M !)
MC240P49E Nanomaterials – Preparation, Properties and Application  ST 2/0 Ex     M !)
MC240C31E Basic Characterisation Methods
in Inorganic Chemistry
ST 0/6 MC     M !)
!) Courses marked "M" (on this department) require completed education in bachelor level,
   they are prepared for master (or PhD) students only!

Department of Organic Chemistry  ( 2700 )
SIS code Course Semester B/M
MC270C66 Advances in organic chemistry
(QuoVadis chemistry)
WT, ST 2/0 --- B+M
MC270P81 Organic Chemistry  II  WT 3/2 C+Ex B
MC270P13A Organic Synthesis  I  WT 2/2 C+Ex     M
MC270P13B Organic Synthesis  II  ST 2/2 C+Ex     M
MC270P27 Organic Synthesis  III  WT 2/0 Ex     M
MC270C65 Selected topics from physical organic chemistry.  WT, ST 0/2 C     M
MC270P20 Seminar on Advanced Organic Chemistry  I  ST 2/0 Ex     M
MC270P84 Modern methods in organic synthesis  ST 1 week /0 Ex     M

Department of Biochemistry  ( 2500 )
SIS code Course Semester B/M
MC250C17N Advanced practical course in Biochemistry I  WT 0/4 C B
MC250C03 Advanced practical course in Biochemistry I for KATA  ST 0/3 C B
MC250P03I Biochemistry ST 4/0 Ex B
MC250P11 Hemeproteins and metalloproteins ST 2/0 Ex     M
MC250P21 Modern methods in protein research ST 2/0 Ex     M
MC250P24 Xenobiochemistry ST 2/0 Ex     M
MC250P67 Therapeutical proteins ST 2/0 Ex     M
MC250P07B Internet and bioinformatics WT 2/1 Ex B+M
MC250P27 Biomolecular motion and intracellular transport WT 2/0 Ex     M+P

Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry  ( 2800 )
SIS code Course Semester B/M
MC280P58 General Chemistry  WT 3/2 C+Ex
MC280C14 Advanced experiments in Chemistry Teaching ST 0/3 C     M


SIS = Student Information System

WT = Winter Term (October – February)
ST = Summer Term (February – June)

Hours per week: e.g. 1/1 = 1 lecture (45 minutes) + 1 exercise (45 minutes)
Ex = Exam,  C = Credit, MC = Credit with classification

B/M = Course suitable more for Bachelor / Master / PhD students

Please note that MARKS can be given only for subjects finishing with an exam (Ex or C+Ex in the detail of the subject) !!!
Other subjects can only be evaluated with credit points!



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