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Prospective students

The School of Geosciences at Charles University offers a wide variety of study programs at all levels from undergraduate to graduate, including Geology, Applied Geology, Geotechnology, Geobiology, and Natural Resource Management, and participates in interdisciplinary programs, such as Hydrology and the Earth Sciences. Our students greatly benefit from the informal, friendly environment, modern educational and laboratory facilities, frequent field trips and field camps, access to library and online resources, and unique geological collections.

Erasmus Programme

Although most of the undergraduate study programs are in Czech, Prague is a popular destination for foreign students. The School of Geosciences offers over 50 classes and seminars taught in English, covering a wide range of topics from Solid Earth through Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology to Environmental Geochemistry. For further information please check the Faculty of Science Erasmus and Study in Prague websites.

Master in Geodynamics

A specialized, two-year master programme in English is offered by the Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology, essentially integrating tectonics and igneous and metamorphic petrology with computational modelling. Prospective students may check the programme website here.  

Ph.D. Research Opportunities

The Ph.D. study (in Czech or English) is of 4 years duration and tuition-free, covered by state-paid scholarships. New Ph.D. positions are opened every year in Geology and Applied Geology, the deadline for application being the end of April and the Ph.D. study programme begins in October. Prospective foreign students are encouraged to apply through the Ph.D. STARS programme at the Faculty of Science, the topics are announced in January and the deadline for application is the beginning of March. Students applying for a Ph.D. position at the School of Geosciences without a topic and advisor are not accepted. Prospective students thus should consult in advance either chairs of the institutes or the relevant faculty members whose research interests match their own. Detailed information may also be obtained from the Department of Study AffairsProf. Stanislav Opluštil (chair of the Geology Ph.D. programme) and Prof. Richard Přikryl (chair of the Applied Geology Ph.D. programme).

Ph.D. STARS in progress


Biogeochemical cycling of mercury (Hg) in organic soils using stable Hg isotopes

Alda Viera, advisor J. Trubač


Predicting slope stability using hypoplastic models

Mouhieddine El Sayed, advisor D. Mašín



Repeating earthquakes as a tool to understand seismic swarm processes

Ali Salama, advisor T. Fischer


New output of geophysical ultra-prospecting based on the estimation of induced and remanent sets of magnetic fields during the geophysical survey

Karimi Kurosh, advisor G. Kletetschka



Paleomagnetic and geochronological constraints on the formation of Mongolian orocline

Xueyin Bai, advisor O. Lexa



Evolvability of planktonic Foraminifera: adaptive reactions to environmental change

Jaime Yesid Suárez Ibarra, advisor M. Weinkauf


Evaluation of hydromechanical properties of bentonite subjected to thermal loading

Emine Huvaj, advisor J. Najser


Effects of thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling on slope deformation in expansive clays: advanced experiments and hypoplastic modelling

Marco Loche, advisor G. Scaringi



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