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We provide training in a wide variety of geographical fields at all levels of study



Study programmes in geography and demography in the following fields: where study

Geography and cartography
Physical geography and geoinformatics
Geography with an emphasis on education, either with one subject specialty or in combination with biology, mathematics, Hispanic, English or American studies
Demography with social geography
Demography with sociology
Demography with economics


Study programmes in geography and demography in the following fields:


Physical geography and geoecology
Social geography and regional development
Regional and political geography
Cartography and geographic information systems
Geography with a focus on education (one subject teacher)
Teaching geography for secondary schools in combination with a second subject


Either full-time or part-time in the following study programmes:


Physical geography and geoecology
Social geography and regional development
Regional and political geography
General questions in geography
Cartography, geographic information systems and remote sensing

More information is available on the Doctor Studies Division website

Additional courses:

Continuing education for geography teachers - GEOATEST
University of the Third Age
Preparatory course for those interested in university geographical studies

Program STARS (Supporting TAalented PhD Research Students) 

The aim of this program is to provide excellent education and an adequate income to PhD students of the Faculty. The program wants to attract the best students from the Czech Republic as well as from abroad. See more information at the external website


ERASMUS Programme

The most successful students have the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters as part of this programme to support higher education in European Union countries. The departments in the Geographical Institute cooperate with more than one hundred foreign universities. Each school year about 30 Czech students study abroad and our Institute hosts more than 80 students and provides about 30 special courses in English. ERASMUS Programme also enables short-term mobility of teachers.

More information is available at the ERASMUS programme website.

American semester

Every year, during the summer semester, a group of American students and their teachers come from the prestigious Dartmouth College to study in our departments. A special programme is prepared for the students in English with active participation from teachers and selected students in the geographical institute.

More information is available at the American semester website.

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Instruction and equipment

Instruction for the study programmes provided by the geographical institute in Charles University’s Faculty of Science is carried out in close coordination with domestic and foreign research institutions with national and local government bodies (ministries, regional authorities, etc.). Experts with practical experience as well as those from the administrative sphere participate in instruction as external teachers. At present, there are nearly 1000 students studying in the geographical institute with nearly 70 internal and several dozen external university teachers and experienced professionals providing high-quality training.

We have five modern, equipped lecture halls, one computer lecture hall, a geographic information systems lab and a remote sensing lab equipped with its own data receiver. Some of the premises of the geographical institute are equipped for WiFi internet access. The geography library of the Faculty of Science at Charles University is an integral part of the instructional environment. It is also possible to utilize the services of Charles University in Prague’s Map Collection.

Select courses (e.g. field work and geographical excursions) are conducted in Czechia (e.g. in Kokořín or Bohemian Canada regions, in Prague’s hinterland) as well as in foreign countries (primarily in European Union countries). To support field research, the geographical institute uses an eight-passenger Volkswagen Transporter.

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Labour market prospects

The graduates of accredited study programmes within the geographical institute in Charles University’s Faculty of Science routinely find good positions in the labour market. They work as teachers in elementary, secondary and tertiary education. Some find work in national and local government institutions, from the ministries of foreign affairs, regional development, the environment, agriculture, to government agencies such as CzechInvest, to regional and municipal authorities. Others work in regional development agencies, in consulting companies, financial institutions and travel agencies. Recently, others have found work in institutional bodies of the European Union, in trans-national corporations and in humanitarian missions.

Graduates from geographical fields of study, routinely participate in the preparation of territorial plans for municipalities and in the creation of strategic development documents for Czechia’s cities and regions. They aid in the prevention of destructive consequences of natural catastrophes (e.g. flooding). These geographers also author numerous textbooks, popular and academic articles. If you hear reports in the media regarding population prognoses or population policy, issues surrounding illegal migration, reforms in public administration and self-government, changes to the maturita exam in geography or even about discovering the sources of the Amazon River, it is quite likely that the given report was prepared in cooperation with graduates from geographical disciplines at Charles University in Prague.

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