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Eduroam - WiFi connection



Eduroam is a service that is designed to allow staff and students to access the internet at participating institutions across the Czech Republic (and increasingly the world) using your university email address and password.

The eduroam project is carried on by the CESNET a.l.e. The idea to enable to users of interconnected networks easy and transparent usage was born in TERENA mobility TF. Our task (CESNET) is make usage of any network connected to roaming space as easy as using of roaming in cellphone networks. User should have one account (at his home site) and this account grands him permission to use any wireless network connected into eduroam. CESNET is working as member of TERENA mobility TF from it’s beginning to make that all reality.






Configuring your device with Eduroam

Instructions for configuring Eduroam with a range of common devices and operating systems are available below:

Windows XP

Windows XP are no longer supported by Microsoft.


Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

use this utility which automatically sets up your Windows for eduroam. Just download and run it.

Mac OS


Android 4








Users of the eduroam service must abide by Charles University’s Code of Conduct, and any equivalent policies at visited institutions, in addition to the eduroam policy.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure their device is password protected to secure any saved credentials stored on the machine used for accessing eduroam. This may be in the form of a passcode on a mobile apple device for example, or windows user account equivalent.

If you are having trouble connecting to eduroam using these instructions please contact the Faculty Help Desk on http://helpdesk.natur.cuni.cz.


The name and the logo of eduroam are registered to TERENA

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