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About the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of Faculty of Science is a self-regulating representative body that represents interests of the academic community, both members of the academic staff and students of Faculty of Science. Together with Dean of the faculty and Scientific Council acts as the principal governing body of the faculty.

Academic Senate was established in 1990 and comprises of two chambers: Chamber of members of the academic staff and Chamber of Students. Each of them has 14 members and includes representatives of all major disciplines – biology, chemistry, geography and geology. In addition, three service boards were founded to deal with certain affairs in detail – a legislative board, a study affairs board and an economic board.

The process of making and amending the regulations which govern the Faculty is carried out by the Academic Senate of Faculty of Science – with exception to internal regulations that are subject of approval by Academic Senate of the Charles University. Above all, the Academic Senate is the principal authority in the interpretation of regulations.

The Academic Senate has important responsibilities in electing the candidate for Dean of the Faculty and under certain conditions is allowed to remove him. Other fundamental duty of the Academic Senate includes appointment of members of the Scientific Council.

Following key documents and affairs are subject of Senate’s approval:

  • Faculty budget
  • Conditions of the admission procedure
  • Foundation/cancellation of new organization units
  • Annual report on economic management, etc.

Moreover, the Academic Senate has to deliver its opinion about:

  • Appointments of the department’s heads
  • Drafts on programs of study
  • Stipends and fees
  • Internal governance code of units etc.

Formal meetings of the Academic Senate are held once a month and are open to public. Protocols of the meetings are regularly available on the website (only in Czech).

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