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PhD defence - Mgr. Dimitrij Tyč

Start date Aug 26, 2020

We heartily invite you to the PhD defence of our student Mgr. Dimitrij Tyč on topic - Study of RNAi Mechanisms in Tobacco BY-2 Cell Line and Potato Plants

Published Aug 18, 2020

PhD defence - Mgr. Zdeňka Kubátová

Start date Aug 19, 2020

We heartily invite you to the PhD defence of our student Mgr. Zdeňka Kubátová on topic - Functional analysis of selected EXO70 exocyst subunits in plants

Published Aug 18, 2020

Seminar - Clément Lafon Placette

Start date Mar 10, 2020

Clément Lafon Placette - How sexual selection and sexual conflict shape plant reproduction and hybridization barriers

Published Mar 03, 2020

Christmas seminar

Start date Dec 17, 2019

We kindly invite you to our department Christmas seminar :o)

Published Dec 10, 2019

Seminar: Ing. Jiban Kumar, PhD

Start date Dec 03, 2019

Ing. Jiban Kumar, PhD - Wheat dwarf virus -> 60 years since its discovery in the Czech Republic (talk will be given in Czech)

Published Nov 26, 2019

Seminar: Dr. Daniel Tholen

Start date Nov 26, 2019

Dr. Daniel Tholen - hedding light on leaves: photosynthesis and functional leaf anatomy

Published Nov 19, 2019

Seminar: Dr.nat.techn. Katarzyna Retzer

Start date Nov 19, 2019

Dr.nat.techn. Katarzyna Retzer - PIN2 - tossed and turned: Brassinosteroid signaling delimits root gravitropism via sorting of the Arabidopsis PIN2 auxin transporter

Published Nov 14, 2019

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