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Defense of Doctoral Dissertation - Mgr. Matouš Glanc

Start date Jan 25, 2019

We kindly invite you to the defence of Doctoral Dissertation of our student Matouš Glanc on topic „Mechanisms of establishment and maintenance of PIN polarity in Arabidopsis“

Published Jan 25, 2019

Christmas seminar

Start date Dec 18, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018

We kindly invite you to our Christmas seminar in the KEBR conference room (Prátovna)

Published Dec 11, 2018

Seminar: Dr. Guido Grossman

Start date Dec 11, 2018

Dr. Guido Grossman - Building root hairs - how elements of robustness and plasticity determine cell shape

Published Dec 10, 2018

New paper in Nature Plants

Did you know that plants inherit knowledge where is up and down from mother? Colleagues from our department - Matouš Glanc and Matyáš Fendrych recently published a paper about this topic in Nature Plants.

Published Dec 07, 2018

Seminar: Nelson Serre

Start date Nov 22, 2018

Nelson Serre - Insights in molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in response and adaptation to metallic stresses in Arabidopsis

Published Nov 21, 2018

Seminar: Doc. Roman Gebauer

Start date Nov 27, 2018

Doc. Roman Gebauer - Anatomy and morphology of tree: functional and ecophysiological relations (talk will be given in Czech)

Published Nov 20, 2018

Seminar: Hélène Robert, Ph.D.

Start date Nov 20, 2018

Hélène Robert, Ph.D. - Characterisation of novel transcriptional regulators of auxin biosynthesis for fruit and seed morphogenesis in Arabidopsis (talk will be given in english)

Published Nov 13, 2018

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