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Seminar: Martin Bouda, Ph.D.

Start date Apr 19, 2022

Martin Bouda, Ph.D. - Network properties affect plant function and its scaling in the hydraulic soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

Published Apr 12, 2022

Seminar: Mgr. Matouš Glanc, PhD

Start date Apr 04, 2022

Mgr. Matouš Glanc, PhD - Cell division orientation, TETRASPANINs, and the life of a postdoc

Published Mar 29, 2022

Talk: Prof. Heribert Hirt

Start date Apr 01, 2022

Prof. Heribert Hirt - Desert microbes for boosting sustainable agriculture in extreme environments

Published Mar 28, 2022

Seminar: Florian Barbi, PhD

Start date Mar 29, 2022

Florian Barbi, PhD - Understanding the role of mycorrhizal fungi in decomposition of plant necromass

Published Mar 22, 2022

Dissertation defense - Mgr. Eva Neuwirthová

Start date Apr 01, 2022

We cordially invite you to defend the dissertation of our colleague Mgr. Eva Neuwirthová on the topic of Optical properties of the leaf in relation to its anatomical traits

Published Mar 14, 2022

Seminar: Roman Pleskot, PhD

Start date Mar 08, 2022

Roman Pleskot, PhD - Spatio-temporal dynamics of cell plate development

Published Mar 01, 2022

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