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Christmas seminar

Start date Dec 17, 2019

We kindly invite you to our department Christmas seminar :o)

Published Dec 10, 2019

Seminar: Ing. Jiban Kumar, PhD

Start date Dec 03, 2019

Ing. Jiban Kumar, PhD - Wheat dwarf virus -> 60 years since its discovery in the Czech Republic (talk will be given in Czech)

Published Nov 26, 2019

Seminar: Dr. Daniel Tholen

Start date Nov 26, 2019

Dr. Daniel Tholen - hedding light on leaves: photosynthesis and functional leaf anatomy

Published Nov 19, 2019

Seminar: Dr.nat.techn. Katarzyna Retzer

Start date Nov 19, 2019

Dr.nat.techn. Katarzyna Retzer - PIN2 - tossed and turned: Brassinosteroid signaling delimits root gravitropism via sorting of the Arabidopsis PIN2 auxin transporter

Published Nov 14, 2019

Seminar: Dr. Peter Marhav

Start date Nov 21, 2019

Dr. Peter Marhavý - From the Cradle to the Grave - Endodermal CASP domains Coordination of a Subcellular Structure throughout a Tissue Layer

Published Nov 08, 2019

Monday seminar - Dr. Fabien Miart

Start date Nov 11, 2019

Dr. Fabien Miart - A deeper dive into cell wall-regulated growth control in plants using real time functional imaging

Published Nov 04, 2019

Seminar: Dr. Lukáš Synek

Start date Oct 29, 2019

Dr. Lukáš Synek - Plant growth-promoting bacteria from Arabian deserts as biofertilizers

Published Oct 25, 2019

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