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B/M/P = Course suitable more for Bachelor / Master / PhD students

All courses in the list are guaranteed to be taught in English.


SIS code Course Name Term               Department       B/M
MZ340P107 Visiting professor A both *) 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ340P108 Visiting professor B both *) 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ340P109 Visiting professor C both *) 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ340E15 Systematic reviews and meta-analysis WT 0/1 days C SG (3400)     M+P
MZ340P73 Urban Social Geography:
Key Theoretical Approaches
WT 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ340P74 Urban Social Geography:
Contemporary Issues
ST 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ300E008 Contemporary Human Geography of Czechia I WT 1/1 Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ300E001 Contemporary Human Geography of Czechia II ST 1/1 Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ300E002 The EU Context of Regional Development and Regional Policies in Czechia ST 1/1 Ex SG (3400)     M
MZ340P48 Immigration Issues in the United States and (Central) Europe ST 1/2 C+Ex SG (3400)
MZ340P45 Geography of Economic Globalisation ST 2/1 C+Ex SG (3400)
MZ340K12 Heritage of Cultural Landscapes WT 1/1 C+Ex SG (3400) B+M
MZ340M09 Contemporary trends in migration studies (a discussion seminar) WT (5 E-credits) 1/1 Ex SG (3400) B+M
MZ340M09Z WT (3 E-credits) 1/1 C
MZ340M11 Contemporary trends in development studies (a discussion seminar) ST (5 E-credits) 1/1 Ex SG (3400) B+M
MZ340M11Z ST (3 E-credits) 1/1 C
MZ300E003 Selected Chapters from Physical Geography and Geoecology ST 1/1 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ330P35 Modelling of hydrological processes WT 1/2 C+Ex PhG (3300)     M
MZ330P122 Forest Geography ST *) 2/0 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ300E009 Hot topics in physical geography WT 1/1 Ex PhG (3300) B+M
MZ300E006 Demography for Foreign Students (non-Demographers) both 2/2 C+Ex Dem (3600)
MD360P96 Global Population Challenges ST *) 0/1 C Dem (3600) B+M
MD360P97 Social inequalities in health ST *) 0/1 C Dem (3600) B+M
MZ300E007 Applied Geoinformatics ST 2/2 C+Ex Cart. (3700)     M
MZ370P55 Land Use, Landscape and Society    ST 2/0 Ex Cart (3700)     M


SG = Department of Social Geography and Regional Development (3400, SIS)
PhG = Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology (3300, SIS)
Cart. = Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics (3700, SIS)
Dem = Department of Demography and Geodemography (3600, SIS)

SIS = Student Information System

WT = Winter Term / Semester (October – February)
ST = Summer Term / Semester (February – June)

Hours per week: e.g. 1/1 = 1 lecture (45 minutes) + 1 exercise (45 minutes)
Ex = Exam,  C = Credit

B/M/P = Course suitable more for Bachelor / Master / PhD students

All courses in the list are guaranteed to be taught in English.

*) starting from 2018/19

Please note that MARKS can be given only for subjects finishing with an exam (Ex or C+Ex in the detail of the subject) !!!
Other subjects can only be evaluated with credit points!


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