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Courses for Erasmus students

* While preparing your Learning Agreement, please read carefully the part regarding the grading system at the Charles University, it might be different from the system at your home university. *

At the Faculty of Science, the courses are taught in the Czech language as a rule, but there is a wide range of subjects available that are guaranteed to be taught in English (see below). Concerning courses taught in Czech, the international students are encouraged to contact the respective teachers to make an agreement on their tuition in English in advance. Only after getting teacher’s approval, these “not guaranteed” courses can be confirmed in student’s Learning Agreement and enrolled in Student Information System at Charles University. To get the teacher’s approval, please, use this form'Teacher's Approval for Studying and Enrolling a Subject in Student's Study Plan'.

Erasmus students can study subjects from different faculties of Charles University, a confirmation of the teacher is required as well (please use the same form as above). Please, note, subjects from the Faculty of Science must constitute more than half (51% minimum) all courses/credits specified in the approved Learning Agreement.

Note:  To get the approval from the teacher of courses provided by The Third Faculty of Medicine, please, contact MSc. Marika Bendová (marika.bendova@lf3.cuni.cz) first.


The enrolment of the courses as well as the changes of your Learning Agreement are done by Faculty Erasmus Office. Please note that the changes of your courses must be finished by the 3rd week after the lecture period starts. For changes please fill out and bring to our office the document 'Changes to Original Proposed Study Programme/Learning Agreement'.


The requirements to pass a course have to be written in SIS. At the beginning of the semester, teachers should also inform their students about the course requirements and they cannot change these requirements during the semester.

The courses are concluded by exam = Ex, by credit = C, or by a combined examination (Ex + C). According to the type of conclusion (Ex, C), the requirements to pass the course can be different. An exam can be performed in an oral, written (multiple-choice, essay, open questions, etc.), or combined manner. The requirements to receive a credit usually consist of a presentation of an article or – % attendance or homework or essays during the semester etc.

The dates of the exams are usually announced a few weeks before the exam period. Professors announce several terms of the exam (at least 3  mandatorily) in SIS and students can choose a term and register in SIS (Exam dates icon —> Register). Students have a right to use 3 attempts to pass an exam. The results of the exams (1/2/3/4) or credits (if you passed or not) can be displayed in SIS by clicking on the Summary of exam results icon.


Please note that MARKS can be given only for subjects finishing with an exam (Ex or C+Ex in the detail of the subject) !!!
Other subjects can only be evaluated with CREDIT POINTS! If you choose a subject evaluated with credit points ("pass") please note that also on the transcript of records cannot be credit points ("pass") replaced by a mark (numerical/alphabetical grade).
Note, there is no percentage evaluation!

More details of the CU grading system you can find at this university page: https://cuni.cz/UKEN-361.html


At the end of each semester, students at the Faculty of Science have a possibility to evaluate the classes they took (they receive an email request with a link). The feedback from the last years is accessible when logging into the system: https://hodnoceni.natur.cuni.cz (use the same login and password as to log in SIS). The feedback sometimes contains very useful pieces of information e.g. recommended study materials or students’ personal experiences about the exam.

Courses taught in English:

Czech language courses


► The complete list of subjects taught at the Faculty of Science can be found also on the Student Information System (SIS).

To get more information about a certain course, click on the code of the subject; the next page gives you the details of the course (extent, credit points, annotation, syllabus, language of the course, schedule, etc.) and the name of the respective teacher – by clicking on it, you will find the teacher's e-mail address. If you require more information, please contact thef respective teacher/guarantor off thef course. Please note that the Erasmus office doesf not have any information regarding thef course organization and f content.



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