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Basic information


Department Activities

The Department develops three main fields of study: social geography and regional development, regional and political geography and education in geography both as accredited study programmes (undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate) and as applied research fields, as well as organizational activities.

Since 1994, the department has been providing teaching in the American semester for Dartmouth College students (New Hampshire, USA). The focus of the programme is the transformation of the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe and their incorporation in the European structures.

Since 1995, the department has been offering courses of further education to teachers in the Geoatest section. The department coordinates long-term international programmes (e.g. Erasmus).

Besides working on numerous grants (Grant Agency of the CR, Grant Agency of the Charles University, Research and Development Council etc.), the department has actively participated on the solution of the research project of the Ministry of Education “Geographic Systems and Risk Processes in the Context of Global Changes and European Integration”. Furthermore, the department cooperates on projects funded by the European funds.


Scientific Focus

Traditional Research Areas
• theory of geographic organization of society structure
• allocation and development of population,
• settlement structure
• social geographic systems

Other Main Research Areas
• development and perspectives of land-use in the CR
• international and internal migration
• suburbanization and restructuralization of towns
• countryside and agriculture
• second homes and geography tourism
• peripheral and border areas
• European integration and globalization
• regional aspects of the population health
• environmental policy in the CR
• regional identity
• historical geography and environmental history
• transformation processes of the Czech society and economy
• transformation of the public sphere
• development of traffic systems
• regional policy of the CR and the European Union
• geography education reform in the CR and
• development of new teaching aids

Ukázka studentské práce – Podnikatelské subjekty v regionu ORP Sedlčany

Example of a student project - Entrepreneurial Subjects in the Region of the Municipality with Extended Competence of Sedlčany

Zaměstnaní obyvatelé suburbií a jejich časoprostorový snímek (všední den). (J.Novák)

Employed suburbia inhabitants and their spatio-temporal record (working day). (J.Novák)

The Most Significant Results of Contemporary Research

Methodological assistance at the preparation of programme documentation for drawing from the structural funds of the European Union.

Analysis of the development of natural and social components of Šumava National Park over the course of the past 15 years - groundwork for the national park management.

Participation on the creation of the Landscape Atlas of the CR.

Research of illegal economic activities of foreigners - groundwork and recommendations for the Czech migration policy and practice.

Research of cross-border cooperation - groundwork and recommendation of tools for regional development of border municipalities and regions.

Suburbanization and its impacts on the landscape development and the social sphere - groundwork for town and regional planning.

Research of segregation of selected groups of inhabitants of the CR - groundwork and recommendations for the government social policy.

Research of territorial polarization risks on various scale levels - groundwork and recommendations for the regional policy in the EU context.

Historie a osobnosti


The Department of Social Geography and Regional Development in its present form was established in 1990 by a separation of an autonomous demographics department of demography.

Prof. JUDr. PhDr. Viktor Dvorský (1882 - 1960): political and cultural geographer, founder of the Czech social geography (then called anthropogeography).
Participated as the Czech delegation expert on the peace negotiations in Paris after the First World War.
Doc. PhDr. Julie Moschelesová (1892 - 1956): she focused on physical, economic, political and regional geography.
She left Czechoslovakia for racial reasons and worked in Australia between the years 1939 to 1946.
Prof. RNDr. Jaromír Korčák (1895 - 1989): be focused on social, economic and regional geography. Founder and the first head of the department. He was particularly interested in population geography and demography, geopolitics and statistical methods in geography.
Doc. RNDr. Karel Kühnl, Csc. (1936 - 1996): specialized in social and economic geography. He focused on population geography and settlement, geographic regionalization of the CR. He developed the use of quantitative methods in geography.

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