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17. 3. 2021 New paper in Communications Earth & Environment (Nature)

New paper in Communications Earth & Environment (Nature group), published new research by a team of the Czech Geological Survey in collaboration with Ondrej Lexa. The paper postulates a new model for trans-lithospheric diapirism to explain an intriguing assemblage of high-pressure (HP) rocks with ultrapotassic plutons and low-grade metamorphic complexes that are found in many collisional orogens, including the Variscan belt. The article is open-access, available at https://www.nature.com/articles/s43247-021-00122-w

4. 3. 2021 New high-tech instruments installed!

New high-end laboratory instruments have been successfully installed to aid our research and teaching activities. Laboratory of Imaging Methods acquired a digital 4K microscope Keyence VHX-7000 allowing high-resolution 3D imaging with a magnification of up to 200. Laboratory of Rock Magnetism  is newly equipped with the AGICO JR-6A magnetometer, LDA5 demagnetizer, and a PAM1 magnetization unit, allowing paleomagnetic and anisotropy of magnetic remanence measurements.

19. 2. 2021 New paper in Communications Biology (Nature)

New fascinating research was published in Communications Biology (Nature Group), led by Martin Košťák with colleagues from Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary. The study describes Oligocene cephalopod Necroteuthis hungarica (ca. 30 Ma) and demonstrates how some species were able to survive catastrophic events as well as global climatic changes in an anoxic deep-sea environment over long periods of geologic time. The article is open-access, available at https://www.nature.com/articles/s42003-021-01714-0  

8. 2. 2021 High scientific production of the Center for Geosphere Dynamics despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Despite the covid-19 restrictions, the researchers of the Center for Geosphere Dynamics were highly productive in the past year. A total of 59 papers have been published. Papers published in the first and second quartile journals according to Web of Knowledge accounted for 90% of the total. The numbers also include 13 papers in the D1 category and 5 papers in the Nature Index journals. More information can be found here.


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