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The Faculty of Science, Charles University ranks among the top five research institutions in the Czech Republic, and this high standard also applies to the Geosciences. Strong emphasis is placed on excellence and the global impact of our research and the scientific results are regularly published in major international journals, often within the first quartile in Earth Sciences. 

Selected publications




Uniquely preserved gut contents illuminate trilobite palaeophysiology

P. Kraft, V. Vaškaninová, M. Mergl, P. Budil, O. Fatka, P. E. Ahlberg

Full text download: Nature 622, 545 (2023). 



Paleomagnetic, tectonic and geochronological constraints for Permian-Triassic oroclinal bending of the Mongolian collage

K. Schulmann, J. B. Edel, O. Lexa, W. Xiao, D. Třebínová D, R. Spikings, U. Schaltegger, A. Derkowski, M. Szczerba

Full text download: National Science Review nwac184, (2023). 



Plio-Pleistocene deep-sea ventilation in the eastern Pacific and potential linkages with Northern Hemisphere glaciation

L. Yi, M. Medina-Elizalde, L. Tan, D. B. Kemp.5, Y. Li, G. Kletetschka, Q. Xie, H. Yao, H. He, Ch. Deng, J. G. Ogg

Full text download: Science Advances 9, eadd146 (2023). 



Analysis of fracturing processes leading to caldera collapse

M. Somr, J. Žák, P. Kabele, F. Tomek

Full text download: Earth-Science Reviews 241, 104413 (2023). 


Smelter-derived soil contamination in Luanshya, Zambia

R. Baieta, V. Ettler, A. Vaněk, P. Drahota, B. Kříbek, I. Nyambe, M. Mihaljevič

Full text download: Science of the Total Environment 867, 161405 (2023). 


Evaporation rate from surfaces of various granular rocks: Comparison of measured and calculated values

M. Slavík, J. Bruthans, J. Schweigstillová

Full text download: Science of the Total Envirnoment 856, 159114 (2023). 


Spatial and temporal trends in δ66Zn and 206Pb/207Pb isotope ratios along a rural transect downwind from the Upper Silesian industrial area: Role of legacy vs. present-day pollution

E. Prechova, O. Sebek, M. Novak, A. V. Andronikov, L. Strnad, V. Chrastny, J. Cabala, M. Stepanova, J. Pasava, E. Martinkova, P. Pacherova, V. Blaha, J. Curik, F. Veselovsky, H. Vitkova

Full text download: Environmental Pollution 328, 121609 (2023). 


The significance of cherts as markers of Ocean Plate Stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental conditions: New insights from the Neoproterozoic–Cambrian Blovice accretionary wedge, Bohemian Massif

L. Ackerman, J. Žák, V., J. Pašava, K. Žák, A. Pack, F. Veselovský, L. Strnad

Full text download: Geoscience Frontiers 14, 101478 (2023). 


Silver isotopes: A tool to trace smelter-derived contamination

A. Vaněk, M. Vaňková, M. Mihaljevič, V. Ettler, P. Drahota, L. Vondrovicová, P. Vokurková, I. Galušková, T. Zádorová, R. Mathur

Full text download: Environmental Pollution 337, 122557 (2023). 


Contaminant release from massive copper metallurgical slags: Insights from long-term monolithic leaching tests

V. Ettler, M. Mihaljevič, A. Culka

Full text download: Chemosphere 335, 139079 (2023). 


Effect of particle crushing– and thermally induced pressurization on rockslide mobility

Y. Deng, X. Fan, G. Scaringi, D. Wang, S. He

Full text download: Landslides 20, 1535 (2023). 


BCV bentonite hydromechanical behaviour and modelling

J. Svoboda, D. Mašín, J. Najser, R. Vašíček, I. Hanusová, L. Hausmannová 

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica 18, 3193 (2023). 


The homogenisation behaviour of BCV bentonite – A laboratory and numerical study

J. Najser, D. Mašín, J. Svoboda, R. Vašíček, I. Hanusová, L. Hausmannová, J. Kruis, T. Krejčí, H. Sun

Full text download: Applied Clay Science 241, 106969 (2023). 



Contrasting response of sea-level change to orbital eccentricity in greenhouse and icehouse climates

J. Laurin, D. Uličný, D. Waltham, P. Toman, M. Warsitzka, B. B. Sageman

Full text download: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 622, 118421 (2023).


Surface layer method for analysis of slope stability using finite elements

T. Kadlíček, D. Mašín

Full text download: Computers and Geotechnics 164, 105799 (2023).






Paleomagnetic, tectonic and geochronological constraints for Permian-Triassic oroclinal bending of the Mongolian collage

K. Schulmann, J. B. Edel, O. Lexa, W. Xiao, D. Třebínová D, R. Spikings, U. Schaltegger, A. Derkowski, M. Szczerba

Full text download: National Science Review nwac184, (2022). 


Struggle for phosphorus and the Devonian overturn

P. Kraft, M. Mergl

Full text download: Trends in Ecology & Evolution 37, 645 (2022). 


Analysis of brown, violet and blue pigments of microorganisms by Raman spectroscopy

J. Jehlička, H. G. M. Edwards, A. Oren

Full text download: Trends in Analytical Chemistry 146, 116501 (2022). 


Evaluation of thallium isotopic fractionation during the metallurgical processing of sulfides: An update

A. Vaněk, K. Vejvodová, M. Mihaljevič, V. Ettler, J. Trubač, M. Vaňková, L. Teper, J. Cabala , K. Sutkowska, A. Voegelin, J. Göttlicher, O. Holubík, P. Vokurková, L. Pavlů, I. Galušková , T. Zádorová 

Full text download: Journal of Hazardous Materials 424, 127325 (2022). 


Coal-bearing fluvial cycles of the late Paleozoic tropics; astronomical control on sediment supply constrained by high-precision radioisotopic ages, Upper Silesian Basin

S. Opluštil, J. Laurin, L. Hýlová, J. Jirásek, M. Schmitz, M. Sivek

Full text download: Earth-Science Reviews 228, 103998 (2022). 


Gallium and germanium extraction and potential recovery from metallurgical slags

V. Ettler, M. Mihaljevič, L. Strnad, B. Kříbek, T. Hrstka, F. Kamona, B. Mapani

Full text download: Journal of Cleaner Production 379, 134677 (2022). 


Impact of organic matter on As sulfidation in wetlands: An in situ experiment

M. Peřestá, P. Drahota, A. Culka, T. Matoušek, M. Mihaljevič

Full text download: Science of the Total Environment 819, 152008 (2022). 


Effects of a point source of phosphorus on the arsenic mobility and transport in a small fluvial system

P. Venhauerová, P. Drahota, L. Strnad, Š. Matoušková

Full text download: Environmental Pollution 315, 120477 (2022). 


Effect of peat organic matter on sulfide weathering and thallium reactivity: Implications for organic environments

K. Vejvodová, A. Vaněk, M. Spasić, M. Mihaljevič, V. Ettler, M. Vaňková, P. Drahota, L.  Teper, P. Vokurková, L. Pavlů, T. Zádorová, O. Drábek 

Full text download: Chemosphere 299, 134380 (2022). 


Effects of forest fires on soil lead elemental contents and isotopic ratios

R. Baieta, A. M. D. Vieira, M. Vaňková, M. Mihaljevič

Full text download: Geoderma 414, 115760 (2022). 


Critical evaluation of portable Raman spectrometers: From rock outcrops and planetary analogs to cultural heritage – A review

J. Jehlička, A. Culka

Full text download: Analytica Chimica Acta 1209, 339027 (2022). 


An experimental investigation on the swelling behavior of compacted B75 bentonite

H. Sun, G. Scaringi, D. Mašín, J. Najser

Full text download: Engineering Geology 296, 106452 (2022). 


Evaporation front and its motion

J. Mls

Full text download: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 26, 397 (2022). 



Contaminant binding and bioaccessibility in the dust from the Ni‐Cu mining/smelting district of Selebi‐Phikwe (Botswana)

V. Ettler, K. Hladíková, M. Mihaljevič, P. Drahota, A. Culka, R. Jedlička, B. Kříbek, A. Vaněk , V. Penížek, O. Sracek, Z. Bagai

Full text download: GeoHealth 6, e2022GH000683 (2022).


Ultrahigh-temperature granites and a curious thermal eye in the post-collisional South Bohemian batholith of the Variscan orogenic belt (Europe)

F. Finger, D. Schiller, M. Lindner, C. Hauzenberger, K. Verner, J. Žák

Full text download: Geology 50, 542 (2022).


Palynology of Late Pennsylvanian – Asselian strata of the Krkonoše-Piedmont Basin, Czech Republic

J. Bek, S. Opluštil, J. Drábková

Full text download: International Journal of Coal Geology 263, 104118 (2021).



Palaeo-thermal history of the Blanice Graben (the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic): The origin of anthracite in a late-Variscan strike-slip basin

V. Suchý, J. Zachariáš, I. Sýkorová, D. Kořínková, J. Pešek, K. Pachnerová Brabcová, Q. Luo, J. Filip, I. Světlík

Full text download: International Journal of Coal Geology 263, 104129 (2022).


Cambrian sedimentary basins of northern Gondwana as geodynamic markers of incipient opening of the Rheic Ocean

R. Syahputra, J. Žák, R. D. Nance

Full text download: Gondwana Research 105, 492 (2022).


Swarm seismicity illuminates stress transfer prior to the 2021 Fagradalsfjall eruption in Iceland

T. Fischer, P. Hrubcová, A. Salama, J. Doubravová, T. Ágústsdóttir, E. Á. Gudnason, J.  Horálek, G. P. Hersir 

Full text download: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 594, 117685 (2022). 


Characteristic limitations of advanced plasticity and hypoplasticity models for cyclic loading of sands

J. Duque, M. Yang, W. Fuentes, D. Mašín, M. Taiebat

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica 17, 2235 (2022).


Automated calibration of advanced soil constitutive models. Part II: hypoplastic clay and modified Cam-Clay

T. Kadlíček, T. Janda, M. Šejnoha, D. Mašín, J. Najser, Š. Beneš

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica 17, 3439 (2022).



Inspection of four advanced constitutive models for fine-grained soils under monotonic and cyclic loading

J. Duque, M. Tafili, G. Seidalinov, D. Mašín, W. Fuentes

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica 17, 4395 (2022).


Automated calibration of advanced soil constitutive models. Part I: hypoplastic sand

T. Kadlíček, T. Janda, M. Šejnoha, D. Mašín, J. Najser, Š. Beneš

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica 17, 3421 (2022).


Experimental investigation on Malaysian kaolin under monotonic and cyclic loading: inspection of undrained Miner’s rule and drained cyclic preloading

J. Duque, J. Roháč, D. Mašín, J. Najser

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica 17, 4953 (2022).


Investigating the Potential of Infrared Thermography to Inform on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Soils for Geotechnical Engineering

M. Loche, G. Scaringi, J. Blahůt, F. Hartvich

Full text download: Remote Sensing 14, 4067 (2022).



Paleozoic Geodynamics and Architecture of the Southern Part of the Mongolian Altai Zone

T. Sukhbaatar, O. Lexa, K. Schulmann, C. Aguilar, P. Štípská, J. Wong, Y. Jiang, J. Míková, D. Zhao

Full text download: Tectonics 41, e2022TC007498 (2022).


Aspects of soft clay behaviour important for correct prediction of spudcan foundation penetration

J. Jerman, D. Mašín, R. Ragni, B. Bienen, M. Španiel

Full text download: Computers and Geotechnics 142, 104552 (2022).


Non-linear stacking of signals using generalized average of complex numbers

J. Vilhelm, T. Fischer, M. Alexa, J. Valenta

Full text download: Measurements 202, 111821 (2022).


Surface temperature controls the pattern of post-earthquake landslide activity

M. Loche, G. Scaringi, A. P. Yunus, F. Catani, H. Tanyaş, W. Frodella, X. Fan, L. Lombardo

Full text download: Scientific Reports 12, 988 (2022).


Distribution of water phase near the poles of the Moon from gravity aspects

G. Kletetschka, J. Klokočník, N. Hasson, J. Kostelecký, A. Bezděk, K. Karimi

Full text download: Scientific Reports 12, 4501 (2022).


A case study of paleoenvironmental interactions during the Miocene Climate Optimum in southwestern Paratethys

J. Kopecká, K. Holcová, M. Brlek, F. Scheiner, L. Ackerman, J. Rejšek, R. Milovský, V. Baranyi, S. Gaynor, I. Galović, V. Brčić, M. Belak, K. Bakrač

Full text download: Global and Planetary Change 211, 103784 (2022).


Fast outdoor screening and discrimination of carotenoids of halophilic microorganisms using miniaturized Raman spectrometers

A. Culka, J. Jehlička, A. Oren, A. Rousaki, P. Vandenabeele

Full text download: Spectrochimica Acta, Part A 276, 121156 (2022).


Effect of relative humidity on oxidation products of arsenopyrite and löllingite

P. Drahota, V. Ettler, A. Culka, J. Rohovec, R. Jedlička

Full text download: Chemical Geology 605, 120945 (2022).


New Perspectives on the 143Nd/144Nd Palaeoceanographic Tracer on Foraminifera: The State-of-the-Art Frontiers of Analytical Methods

F. Scheiner, L. Ackerman, K. Holcová, J. Rejšek, H. Vollstaedt, J. Ďurišová, V. Santolík

Full text download: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 23, e2021GC010201 (2022).


New constraints on the tectonometamorphic evolution of the Erzgebirge orogenic wedge (Saxothuringian Domain, Bohemian Massif)

M. Jouvent, O. Lexa, V. Peřestý, P. Jeřábek

Full text download: Journal of Metamorphic Geology 40, 687 (2022).


Constraining the P–T path of (U)HP rocks with reaction overstepping during subduction; example from the Western Gneiss Region (Norway

W. S. Faryad, J. Ježek, J. Kulhánek

Full text download: Journal of Metamorphic Geology 40, 1427 (2022).


A thermo-hydro-mechanical approach to soil slope stability under climate change

G. Scaringi, M. Loche

Full text download: Geomorphology 401, 108108 (2022).


Depth distribution and chemistry of salts as factors controlling tafoni and honeycombs development

T. Karatas, J. Bruthans, M. Filippi, A. Mazancová, T. Weiss, J. Mareš

Full text download: Geomorphology 414, 108374 (2022).


The challenge of measuring rock moisture–a laboratory experiment using eight types of sensors

T. Weiss Tomáš, O. Sass

Full text download: Geomorphology 416, 108430 (2022).


Advantages and limitations of combined diffusion-phase equilibrium modelling for pressure-temperature-time history of metamorphic rocks

W. S. Faryad, J. Ježek, J. Connolly

Full text download: Journal of Petrology 63, egac118 (2022).


Carbon, oxygen, and strontium isotopic fingerprint in Neoproterozoic to early Cambrian limestones in an active margin setting: A record of local environment or global changes?

L. Ackerman, J. Žák, K. Žák, J. Pašava, V. Kachlík, J. Hora, F. Veselovský, J. Hajná

Full text download: Precambrian Research 370, 106538 (2022).


An experimental study on post‐mortem dissolution and overgrowth processes affecting coccolith assemblages: A rapid and complex process

K. Holcová, F. Scheiner

Full text download: Geobiology (2022).


Cobalt-bearing copper slags from Luanshya (Zambian Copperbelt): Mineralogy, geochemistry, and potential recovery of critical metals

V. Ettler, M. Mihaljevič, P. Drahota, B. Kříbek, I. Nyambe, A. Vaněk, V. Penížek, O. Sracek, V. Natherová

Full text download: Journal of Geochemical Exploration 237, 106987 (2022).


Petrogenesis of low-pressure intra-oceanic arc granitoids: Insights from the late Neoproterozoic Avalonian–Cadomian orogen, Bohemian Massif

V. Santolík, L. Ackerman, V. Kachlík, J. Sláma, N. Mészárosová

Full text download: Lithos 428-29, 106808 (2022).





Identification of the Younger Dryas onset was confused by the Laacher See volcanic eruption

E. Stuchlík, D. Vondrák, Z. Hořická, J. Hrubá, A. Mijovilovich, G. Kletetschka

Full text download: PNAS 118, e2022485118 (2021). 


Thallium and lead variations in a contaminated peatland: A combined isotopic study from a mining/smelting area

A. Vaněk, K. Vejvodová, M. Mihaljevič, V. Ettler, J. Trubač, M. Vaňková, V. Goliáš, L. Teper, K. Sutkowska, P. Vokurková, V. Penížek

Full text download: Environmental Pollution 290, 117973 (2021). 


Arsenic fractionation and mobility in sulfidic wetland soils during experimental drying

P. Drahota, M. Peřestá, J. Trubač, M. Mihaljevič, A. Vaněk

Full text download: Chemosphere 277, 130306 (2021). 


An experimental investigation on the swelling behavior of compacted B75 bentonite

H. Sun, G. Scaringi, D. Mašín, J. Najser

Full text download: Engineering Geology, 106452 (2021). 


Critical evaluation of portable Raman spectrometers: From rock outcrops and planetary analogs to cultural heritage – A review

J. Jehlička, A. Culka

Full text download: Analytica Chimica Acta, 339027 (2021). 


Fossil evidence for vampire squid inhabiting oxygen-depleted ocean zones since at least the Oligocene

M. Košťák, J. Schlögl, D. Fuchs, K. Holcová, N. Hudáčková, A. Culka, I. Fözy, A. Tomašových, R. Milovský, J. Šurka, M. Mazuch

Full text download: Communication Biology, 216 (2021). 


Small-strain behaviour of unsaturated silty clay: experiments and model interpretation

T. Mohyla, J. Boháč, D. Mašín

Full text download: Acta Geotechnica, 16, 2837 (2021). 


Evaluation of hypoplastic model for soft clays by modelling of Nicoll highway case history

J. Jerman, D. Mašín

Full text download: Computers and Geotechnics, 134, 104053 (2021). 


An infrared thermography approach to evaluate the strength of a rock cliff

M. Loche, G. Scaringi, J. Blahůt, M. T. Melis, A. Funedda, S. D. Da Pelo, I. Erbì, G. Deiana, M. A. Meloni, F. Cocco

Full text download: Remote Sensing, 13, 1265 (2021). 


Tectonometamorphic evolution and U–Pb dating of the high-grade Hammar Domain (Southern Ethiopian Shield); implications for the East-African Orogeny

K. Verner, D. Buriánek, M. Svojtka, V. Peřestý, L. Megerssa, T. Tadesse, A. Kussita, D. Alemayehu, T. Hroch

Full text download: Precambrian Research, 361, 106270 (2021). 


Rapidly evolving controls of landslides after a strong earthquake and implications for hazard assessments

X. Fan, A. P. Yunus, G. Scaringi, F. Catani, S. Siva Subramanian, Q. Xu, R. Huang

Full text download: Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL090509 (2021). 



Coseismic debris remains in the orogen despite a decade of enhanced landsliding

L. Dai, G. Scaringi, X. Fan, A. P. Yunus, J. Liu‐Zeng, Q. Xu, R. Huang

Full text download: Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL095850 (2021).


Dissolution and reprecipitation of garnet during eclogite facies metamorphism; major and trace elements transfer during atoll garnet formation

J. Kulhánek, S. W. Faryad, R. Jedlicka, M. Svojtka

Full text download: Journal of Petrology, egab077 (2021).


Magnetic domains oscillation in the brain with neurodegenerative disease

G. Kletetschka, R. Bazala, M. Takáč, E. Svecova

Full text download: Scientific Reports, 11, 714 (2021).



Analysis of the 2016–2018 fluid-injection induced seismicity in the High Agri Valley (Southern Italy) from improved detections using template matching

T. A. Stabile, J. Vlček, M. Wcisło, V. Serlenga

Full text download: Scientific Reports, 11, 20630 (2021).


Ground fissures within the Main Ethiopian Rift: Tectonic, lithological and piping controls

J. Valenta, K. Verner, K. Martínek, T. Hroch, D. Buriánek, L. A. Megerssa, J. Boháč, M. Kassa, F. Legesse, M. Yakob, B. Kebede, J. Málek

Full text download: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, (2021).


On the behavior of monopiles subjected to multiple episodes of cyclic loading and reconsolidation in cohesive soils

J. Duque, M. Ochmański, D. Mašín, Y. Hong, L. Wang

Full text download: Computers and Geotechnics 134, 104049 (2021). 


Constitutive model for monotonic and cyclic loading on anisotropic clays

W. Fuentes, D. Mašín, J. Duque

Full text download: Géotechnique 71, 657 (2021).


A Fast Method for Modelling A Gamma-Ray Field over Inhomogeneous Ground Sources

O. Šálek

Full text download: Surveys in Geophysics 42, 427 (2021).



No more blind dates with calcite: Fluid-flow vs. fault-slip along the Očkov thrust, Prague Basin

N. M. W. Roberts, J. Žák, F. Vacek, J. Sláma

Full text downlad: Geoscience Frontiers 12, 101143 (2021).


Metal(loid)s remobilization and mineralogical transformations in smelter-polluted savanna soils under simulated wildfire conditions

M. Tuhý, V. Ettler, J. Rohovec, Š. Matoušková, M. Mihaljevič, B. Kříbek, B. Mapani

Full text download: Journal of Environmental Management 293, 112899 (2021).


Distributed crustal shortening followed by transpressional shearing in the Superior Province, northeastern Canada: A Late Archean analogy to modern accretionary plate margins?

J. Žák, F. Tomek, M. Svojtka, F. Vacek, V. Kachlík, L. Ackerman, J. Ježek, M. S. Petronis

Full text download: Precambrian Research 362, 106322 (2021).


Effect of fO2 on Eu partitioning between clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene and basaltic melt: Development of a Eu3+/Eu2+ oxybarometer

A. Fabbrizio, M. W. Schmidt, M. Petrelli

Full text download: Chemical Geology 559, 119967 (2021).



Oroclinal buckling and associated lithospheric-scale material flow – insights from physical modelling: Implication for the Mongol-Hingan orocline

O. Krýza, O. Lexa, K. Schulmann, A. Guy, D. Gapais, J. Cosgrove, W. Xiao

Full text download: Tectonophysics 800, 228712 (2021).





Marginal dentition and multiple dermal jawbones as the ancestral condition of jawed vertebrates

V. Vaškaninová, P. Tafforeau, Z. Johanson, B. Ekrt, H. Blom, P. E. Ahlberg

Full text download: Science 369, 211 (2020). 


High-temperature overprint in (U)HPM rocks exhumed from subductionzones; A product of isothermal decompression or a consequence of slabbreak-off(slab rollback)?

S.W. Faryad, S.J. Cuthbert

Full text download: Earth-Science Reviews 202, 103108 (2020). 


Detrital zircon geochronology and processes in accretionary wedges

J. Žák, M. Svojtka, J. Hajná, L. Ackerman

Full text download: Earth-Science Reviews 207, 103214 (2020). 



Automated mineralogy for quantification and partitioning of metal(loid)s in particulates from mining/smelting-polluted soils

M. Tuhý, T. Hrstka, V. Ettler

Full text downlad: Environmental Pollution 266, 115118 (2020). 


Experimental determination of remanent magnetism of dusty ice deposits

Y. Grossman, O. Aharonson, R. Shaar, G. Kletetschka 

Full text download: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 545, 116408 (2020). 


A microdestructive method using dye-coated-probe to visualize capillary, diffusion and evaporation zones in porous materials

T. Weiss, J. Mareš, M. Slavík, J. Bruthans

Full text download: Science of the Total Environment 704, 135339 (2020). 


The potential wildfire effects on mercury remobilization from topsoils and biomass in a smelter-polluted semi-arid area

M. Tuhý, J. Rohovec, Š. Matoušková, M. Mihaljevič, B. Kříbek, A. Vaněk, B. Mapani, J. Göttlicher, R. Steininger, J. Majzlan, V. Ettler

Full text download: Chemosphere 247, 125972 (2020). 



Recovery of residual anhydrous clinker in finely ground recycled concrete

Z. Prošek, J. Trejbal, V. Nežerka, V. Goliáš, M. Faltus, P. Tesárek

Full text download: Resources, Conservation and Recycling 155, 104640 (2020). 


Revisiting strength concepts and correlations with soil index properties: insights from the Dobkovičky landslide in Czech Republic

J. Roháč, G. Scaringi, J. Boháč, P. Kycl, J. Najser 

Full text download: Landslides 17, 597 (2020). 



Multi‐stage metamorphism by progressive accretion of continental blocks, example from the Western Hindu Kush

H. Moiny, S. W. Faryad, R. Čopjaková, R. Jedlička

Full text download: Journal of Metamorphic Geology 17, 597 (2020). 


Re-evaluating the phylogenetic position of the enigmatic early Cambrian deuterostome Yanjiahella

S. Zamora, D. F. Wright, R. Mooi, B. Lefebvre, T. E. Guensburg , P. Gorzelak, B. David, C. D. Sumrall, R. S. Cole, W. A. Hunter, J. Sprinkle, J. R. Thompson, T. A. M. Ewin, O. Fatka, E. Nardin, M. Reich, M. Nohejlová, I. A. Rahman

Full text download: Nature Communications 11, 1 (2020). 


Electric discharge evidence found in a new class of material in the Chicxulub ejecta

G. Kletetschka, A. Ocampo Uria, V. Zila, T. Elbra 

Full text download: Scientific Reports 10, 9035 (2020). 



Clay and alunite-rich materials in painting grounds of prominent Italian masters – Caravaggio and Mattia Preti

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Late Palaeozoic palaeomagnetic and tectonic constraints for amalgamation of Pangea supercontinent in the European Variscan belt

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Magnetization of Extraterrestrial Allende material may relate to terrestrial descend

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Use of sodium fluorescein dye to visualize the vaporization plane within porous media

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The Krásná Hora, Milešov, and Příčovy Sb-Au ore deposits, Bohemian Massif: mineralogy, fluid inclusions, and stable isotope constraints on the deposit formation

M. Němec, J. Zachariáš

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Platinum-Group Elements and Gold in Base Metal Sulfides, Platinum-Group Minerals, and Re-Os Isotope Compositions of the Uitkomst Complex, South Africa

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Origin of honeycombs: Testing the hydraulic and case hardening hypotheses

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How far did the Cadomian ʽterranesʼ travel from Gondwana during early Palaeozoic? A critical reappraisal based on detrital zircon geochronology

J. Žák, J. Sláma

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Using a portable Raman spectrometer to detect carotenoids of halophilic prokaryotes in synthetic inclusions in NaCl, KCl, and sulfates

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Oral bioaccessibility of inorganic contaminants in waste dusts generated by laterite Ni ore smelting

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Bioaccessibility of As, Cu, Pb, and Zn in mine waste, urban soil, and road dust in the historical mining village of Kaňk, Czech Republic

P. Drahota, K. Raus, E. Rychlíková, J. Rohovec

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Emplacement History of the Miocene Zebín Tuff Cone (Czech Republic) Revealed From Ground Geophysics, Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility, Paleomagnetic, and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology Data

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Full text download: Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 19, 3764 (2018). 







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