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The Faculty of Science, Charles University ranks among the top five research institutions in the Czech Republic, and this high standard also applies to the Geosciences. Strong emphasis is placed on excellence and the global impact of our research and the scientific results are regularly published in major international journals, often within the first quartile in Earth Sciences. 

Selected publications



Marginal dentition and multiple dermal jawbones as the ancestral condition of jawed vertebrates

V. Vaškaninová, P. Tafforeau, Z. Johanson, B. Ekrt, H. Blom, P. E. Ahlberg

Full text download: Science 369, 211 (2020). 


High-temperature overprint in (U)HPM rocks exhumed from subductionzones; A product of isothermal decompression or a consequence of slabbreak-off(slab rollback)?

S.W. Faryad, S.J. Cuthbert

Full text download: Earth-Science Reviews 202, 103108 (2020). 


Detrital zircon geochronology and processes in accretionary wedges

J. Žák, M. Svojtka, J. Hajná, L. Ackerman

Full text download: Earth-Science Reviews 207, 103214 (2020). 



Automated mineralogy for quantification and partitioning of metal(loid)s in particulates from mining/smelting-polluted soils

M. Tuhý, T. Hrstka, V. Ettler

Full text downlad: Environmental Pollution 266, 115118 (2020). 


Experimental determination of remanent magnetism of dusty ice deposits

Y. Grossman, O. Aharonson, R. Shaar, G. Kletetschka 

Full text download: Earth and Planetary Science Letters 545, 116408 (2020). 


A microdestructive method using dye-coated-probe to visualize capillary, diffusion and evaporation zones in porous materials

T. Weiss, J. Mareš, M. Slavík, J. Bruthans

Full text download: Science of the Total Environment 704, 135339 (2020). 


The potential wildfire effects on mercury remobilization from topsoils and biomass in a smelter-polluted semi-arid area

M. Tuhý, J. Rohovec, Š. Matoušková, M. Mihaljevič, B. Kříbek, A. Vaněk, B. Mapani, J. Göttlicher, R. Steininger, J. Majzlan, V. Ettler

Full text download: Chemosphere 247, 125972 (2020). 



Recovery of residual anhydrous clinker in finely ground recycled concrete

Z. Prošek, J. Trejbal, V. Nežerka, V. Goliáš, M. Faltus, P. Tesárek

Full text download: Resources, Conservation and Recycling 155, 104640 (2020). 


Revisiting strength concepts and correlations with soil index properties: insights from the Dobkovičky landslide in Czech Republic

J. Roháč, G. Scaringi, J. Boháč, P. Kycl, J. Najser 

Full text download: Landslides 17, 597 (2020). 



Multi‐stage metamorphism by progressive accretion of continental blocks, example from the Western Hindu Kush

H. Moiny, S. W. Faryad, R. Čopjaková, R. Jedlička

Full text download: Journal of Metamorphic Geology 17, 597 (2020). 


Re-evaluating the phylogenetic position of the enigmatic early Cambrian deuterostome Yanjiahella

S. Zamora, D. F. Wright, R. Mooi, B. Lefebvre, T. E. Guensburg , P. Gorzelak, B. David, C. D. Sumrall, R. S. Cole, W. A. Hunter, J. Sprinkle, J. R. Thompson, T. A. M. Ewin, O. Fatka, E. Nardin, M. Reich, M. Nohejlová, I. A. Rahman

Full text download: Nature Communications 11, 1 (2020). 


Electric discharge evidence found in a new class of material in the Chicxulub ejecta

G. Kletetschka, A. Ocampo Uria, V. Zila, T. Elbra 

Full text download: Scientific Reports 10, 9035 (2020). 



Clay and alunite-rich materials in painting grounds of prominent Italian masters – Caravaggio and Mattia Preti

D. Hradil, J. Hradilová, G. Lanterna, M. Galeotti, K. Holcová, V. Jaques, P. Bezdička 

Full text download: Applied Clay Science 185, 105412 (2020). 


Constitutive model for monotonic and cyclic loading on anisotropic clays

W. Fuentes, D. Mašín, J. Duque

Full text download: Géotechnique (2020). 



Measurements and calculations of seasonal evaporation rate from bare sandstone surfaces: Implications for rock weathering

M. Slavík, J. Bruthans, T. Weiss, J. Schweigstillová

Full text download: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 17, 597 (2020). 


Deducing Crystallization Sequence of Magmas from Spatial Distribution of Crystals in Rocks

V. Špillar

Full text download: Journal of Petrology 61, egaa019 (2020). 


Effect of fO2 on Eu partitioning between clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene and basaltic melt: Development of a Eu3+/Eu2+ oxybarometer

A. Fabbrizio, M. W. Schmidt, M. Petrellic

Full text download: Chemical Geology 559, 119967 (2020). 


Vanadium in slags from smelting of African Pb-Zn vanadate ores: Mineralogy, extractability and potential recovery

V. Ettler, A. Jarošíková, M. Mihaljevič, B. Kříbek, I. Nyambe, F. Kamona, B. Mapani

Full text download: Journal of Geochemical Exploration 218, 106631 (2020). 


Evaluation of handheld and portable Raman spectrometers with different laser excitation wavelengths for the detection and characterization of organic minerals

F. Košek, A. Culka, A. Rousaki, P. Vandenabeele, J. Jehlička

Full text download: Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 243, 118818 (2020). 




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