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Registration of courses in SIS and registration for schedule

1) Login to SIS

Detailed instructions on accessing SIS as a student

2) Registration of courses in SIS

The dates of opening and closing SIS for the course registration are stated in the current academic calendar of the Faculty of Science.

The registration periods are different at different faculties of Charles University. They are all listed at the website of Charles University.  It is necessary to register for courses at other faculties in the periods given by the faculties in question.

Detailed instructions on registration of courses 

After the registration of courses is closed for the given semester, the schedule administrators prepare schedules for the courses taught at the Faculty of Science.

3) Registration for schedule (time slot)

After the schedule is published, students register for schedule (time slots for each course) and they can make final changes in their course registration. In some cases, students are assigned to a specific time slot directly by their teacher, department secretary or schedule administrator.

Detailed instructions on registration for schedule

When having troubles with registration for schedule, contact the course guarantor – their name is stated in the course description.

4) Cancellation of courses (and schedule) that you decide not to attend

If  the problem cannot be solved by the course guarantor, contact the schedule administrator at your section.

Schedule administrators – contact information

Schedule administrator Responsible for schedule Phone number E-mail

RNDr. Jana Rubešová, PhD.

common courses 1
computer rooms

221 951 582


prof. RNDr. Jiří Hudeček, CSc.

Chemistry section

221 951 285
221 951 286


doc. RNDr. Petr Šmejkal, Ph.D.

Chemistry section

221 951 344


RNDr. Simona Petrželová, Ph.D.

Chemistry section

221 951 343


RNDr. David Svoboda, Ph.D.

Biology section and Institute for Environmental Studies

221 951 658


RNDr. Veronika Sacherová, Ph.D.

Biology section and Institute for Environmental Studies

221 951 809


Ing. Eva Štefanová, Ph.D.

Geography section

221 951 403


Rudolf Trnka

Geology section

221 951 452


Notes 1 Common courses mean:

  • Physical education at the Faculty of Science
  • Pedagogy and psychology for students of didactics and programmes focused on education
  • Classes provided by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics for the students of the Faculty of Science (didactics of mathematics and physics, bioinformatics, physics, statistics, etc.), in cooperation with the schedule administrator from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Updated: 26.07.2023

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