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Support for students with special needs

Faculty of Science works on providing equal conditions for all the students. There are contact persons for students with special needs in order to provide them with information and assistance. The students can also use services of the Counselling and Psychological Services.

Contact person at the Faculty of Science

RNDr. Dana Fialová, Ph.D.

E-mail: dana.fialova@natur.cuni.cz
Phone number: 221 951 397
Office: Praha 2, Albertov 6, 4NP (3rd floor), room 342
Office hours: any time upon previous agreement

PaedDr. Věra Schätzová

E-mail: vera.schatzova@natur.cuni.cz
Office: Praha 10, Bruslařská 10, room 137
Office hours: any time upon previous agreement

For a prompt consultation, it is advisable to include your telephone number and the dates when you can be contacted in the e-mail message in addition to your enquiry.

Who is a student with special needs

A. Students with visual impairment

A1. Moderate visual impairment

A2. Severe visual impairment (use of touch/voice)

B. Students with hearing impairment

B1. Moderate hearing impairment (use of verbal language)

B2. Severe hearing impairment (use of sign language)

C. Students with physical disabilities

C1. impairment in motor or sensory function of the lower extremities (paraplegia)

C2. Upper limb impairment/fine motor skills

D. Students with specific learning disabilities

E. Students with autism spectrum disorder

F. Students with other difficulties

Conditions of the evidence of students with special needs

1. Informed consent of a student

2. Confirmation of medical condition

a. a confirmation of a physical disability according to the law no. 435/2004 Sb., on employment, or

b. a confirmation of physical according to the law no. 155/1995 Sb., on pension system, or

c. a card or a certificate of special needs on any level according to the law no. 100/1988 Sb., on social security, or

d. a proof of specific learning disabilities diagnosed with a standard psychometric test, or

e. a medical report in case of persons with psychological disorder or chronic somatic disease, in case it cannot be proved by the documents above in a) c)

3. Functional diagnosis


The first step for the inclusion in the evidence of students with special needs is contacting the contact person who will inform the student about all the conditions and who will arrange a functional diagnosis for them. More information is here.

Barrier-free access to building of the Faculty of Science

Detailed information about the accessibility of the buildings is here.

List of classrooms is here.

Virtual tour of Albertov 6 is available here.

Further information

Centre Carolina

Guide to studying with special needs at Charles University

Standards of support for applicants and students with special needs

Assistance during studies

Training of study strategies

Psychotherapeutic and psychiatric counselling:

The psychological counselling at the Faculty of Science, Charles University

Hybernská counselling center

Academic counselling center at the Faculty of Education, Charles Univesity


In case of any questions or suggestions regarding services for students with special needs, do not hesitate to contact the contact person at the Faculty of Science.

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