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Main Program Information

The aim of the Programme realizing is a long-term development of Geography field of science, which is provided by departments of physical geography and geoecology, social geography and regional development, demography and cartography and geoinformatics at the Faculty of Science, Charles University.

The Programme Geography sets a medium-term plan of progress in Geography field of science, defines the main research directions, identifies future areas of development with the aim to improve the research excellence and the international status of geographical fields of science pursued at Charles University.

The proposed Programme follows the contents and structure of the programme PRVOUK43 Geography, while it conceptually relies on the main research directions set within this Programme. It concerns the research directions, where the main geographical fields of the faculty reach internationally valuable results, which have a potential to create new findings in basic and oriented research and are integrated into the international scientific cooperation network. The Programme develops scientific topics researched within the framework of national and international projects and provides space for new and interdisciplinary research topics.

Integrating components for the research of geographical departments are risk processes and dynamic changes of natural and social-economic systems occurring at different spatial levels. The leading research topics are particularly represented by dynamic changes of natural systems under global environmental change, extreme climatic and hydrological processes, dynamic and evolutionary geomorphology, landscape changes dynamics, socio-economic risk processes, migration processes, population studies, regional development, historical-geographical landscape development, research of rural areas and peripheries and development of advanced methods of geoinformatics.

Particular research directions included in the Programme are addressed by research teams of geographical departments of the Faculty of Science, Charles University. The cores of the teams and key members of the Programme are represented by experienced scientists in the given research fields, while postdocs and doctoral students of geographical fields of studies, who are currently actively engaged in research of the geographical departments, will significantly participate in the research too. 


PROGRES Project Board, Geographic Section of the Faculty of Science, Charles University


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