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Talk by Justin Ramsey

Start date Feb 26, 2018

Ecological and evolutionary consequences of polyploidy

Published Feb 26, 2018

Island phylogeography course

Start date Dec 11, 2017

Mario Mairal, a post-doc at our Department, is giving a two-day course on Island phylogeography.

Published Dec 05, 2017

Course of work in Linux command line not only for MetaCentrum 2018

Start date Feb 06, 2018 - Feb 08, 2018

Don’t be afraid of command line! It is friendly and powerful tool. Practically identical is command line also in Mac OS X, BSD and another UNIX-based systems, not only in Linux. Basic knowledge of Linux is not conditional. Course will be taught in Linux, but most of the point are applicable also for another UNIX systems like Mac OS X. Knowledge of Linux/UNIX is useful e.g. for working with molecular and another data. MetaCentrum is service provided by CESNET allowing access to huge computational capacity. If there is at least one participant not speaking Czech, the course will be in English.

Published Oct 04, 2017

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