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Communication to students of the Faculty of Science

The management of the Faculty of Science monitors the current situation at the Faculty of Arts and at Charles University as a whole. There are quite a few students who, in addition to teaching at the Faculty, also have classes at the Faculty of Arts, which is currently subject to a special regime. Click on this news item to find the guidelines for the organisation of examinations and studies that currently apply to the Faculty of Arts.

Dear students, 

please accept my sincere greetings at the beginning of the new year. I wish you all health and satisfaction in your personal life and studies.

We would like to assure you, together with the Vice-deans for Student Affairs, that we are ready to deal with any problems you may have with your studies on an individual basis. Please do not hesitate to contact the Study Officers if necessary, or use the office hours of the Vice-Dean of Studies in the Study Department (Wednesday 10:00-12:00).

Please know that the tragic events at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, for which words can hardly be found, concern us all.

Professor Jiří Zima, dean

Communication to students taking classes at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (29. 12. 2023)

Dear students,

We are still struggling to recover from the tragic events that took place at the main building of the Faculty. However, we are dedicated to rebuilding our academic life and appreciate the support and offers of assistance from the community. Thank you!

The cowardly and senseless murder of our faculty members has affected all of us. Our thoughts go out to the deceased and injured, their families, those who were present at the incident, as well as the entire Faculty of Arts community, the police, paramedics, and our loved ones.

We may all experience emotions that we were not prepared for, including fear, fatigue, headache, insomnia, emotional and anxiety attacks, nightmares, and potential signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. These are normal reactions to a stressful event and may persist for a while. We should anticipate another wave of these emotions in the weeks and months to come.

 Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the impact of these emotions. However, we can make effort to reduce and gradually manage them. It is completely normal and natural to feel whatever emotions we are experiencing right now, even if it seems like nothing at all. It is completely normal to seek help or seek peace of mind during this time. This is not a test of our resilience that we must endure, but rather a genuine encounter with evil.


Please rest assured that you are not alone. The Crisis Help Offer at https://cuni.cz/UK-13267.html is available for everyone, and you are encouraged to utilize it or share it with anyone who may need it. We are continuously expanding our support services as more resources become available. If you would like to use psychological assistance, such as individual face-to-face or online/telephone consultation, please contact us at psych.pomoc@cuni.cz. Our team consists of experienced psychologists and we strive to respond to you by the following day, providing you with contact information for the specific professional or organization that suits your individual needs best.

If you have numerous study obligations, papers, and assignments to complete in January and February and are currently anxious about how to manage in this situation, we want to assure you that you can put your worries about your studies aside. The Dean's College is actively addressing your concerns and working to find swift solutions. Our aim is to alleviate any psychological pressure you may be feeling and minimize disruption to your future study plans. We are currently exploring options in collaboration with the UK management and will provide you with updates as soon as possible.



We are making every effort to accommodate learners, ensuring that those who are able to continue with their studies as planned can do so, while providing options for those unable. Various options are being discussed and we will keep you updated as progress is made.

Your department/institute heads will contact you in the coming week to provide more detailed information regarding your studies.

All classes are canceled for the remainder of the semester, until January 12, 2024.

We are gradually offering group psychological support to all students and faculty members. The initial meetings are scheduled for December 28 and 29, 2023, with additional meetings planned for January. Further updates will be provided.

Between January 8 and 12, 2024, there may be opportunities for lecturers and students to arrange meetings at the discretion and capacity of individual departments and institutes, although these meetings will not involve teaching. Participation in such meetings is entirely voluntary for learners, departments, institutes, and staff, and they may be conducted online or in-person. If such a meeting is organized, you will receive notification from your lecturer or the head of your department or institute.

The examination period will proceed according to the academic year schedule, from January 15 to February 18, 2024. All assessments will be conducted on a voluntary basis, and the format may be adjusted depending on the circumstances. Your instructors and/or your institute or department administration will provide specific information. Examinations taking place in other buildings of the Faculty of Arts will proceed as usual. We want to assure you that even if you do not receive any credits for the winter semester, you will be able to continue your studies confidently and successfully complete your program in the future.

State final examinations will also be conducted on a voluntary basis. The decision not to participate in the January/February 2024 state final examinations will not hinder anyone's ability to complete their studies peacefully and successfully. Students registered for the state final examinations who choose not to take them at this time will be excused.

While postgraduate students are subject to different rules and regulations, their study arrangements will be implemented in a similar manner.

More information regarding the examination period, state final examinations, and the continuation of studies will be provided shortly after the New Year´s Day.

The course evaluation by students at the end of the winter semester has been cancelled.

International students will likewise receive relevant information communication about the end of the semester and the examination period.

If you have any pressing questions regarding the organization of your studies, please reach out to the heads of your respective departments and institutes. The Dean's College will also provide further summarized information as soon as possible.

The plans for teaching in the ECES, Czech Studies, U3V and Lifelong Learning courses are currently underway, and the students will be notified in the coming days.



The main building will remain closed until at least the end of January due to technical reasons.

The Jana Palacha Library and other main building libraries have extended book loans until January 15, 2024, and will subsequently extend them until February 29, 2024 for all borrowers.

The libraries located in other buildings of the Faculty of Arts will resume normal operation at the beginning of January, allowing for book borrowing and returns.

Please be aware that the activity of certain departments within the Dean's Office may be limited for a period of time. If you encounter an urgent issue and are unable to reach the department, kindly contact the heads of your respective departments or institutes for assistance.


PERSONAL BELONGINGS LEFT AT THE MAIN BUILDING DURING EVACUATION Distribution/return of personal belongings will take place from Thursday, January 4, 2024, throughout January 2024 every Thursday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 pm, and every Tuesday from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. at CU POINT, Celetná 13, Prague 1 (specific dates: 4. 1.; 9. 1.; 11. 1.; 16. 1.; 18. 1.; 23. 1.; 25. 1. and 30. 1. 2024).



Andrea Hudáková

Vice Dean for Studies and Admissions, Faculty of Arts

On behalf of the Dean's College





Published: Jan 02, 2024 12:20 PM

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