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Seminars of the Department of Botany

Summer semester 2018-19
19.2. Božo Frajman University of Innsbruck, Institute of Botany Using integrative approach to understand diversification of the
Heliosperma pusillum group (Caryophyllaceae)
26.2. Flash presentations   Vojtěch Abraham, Tomáš Fér, Tomáš Herben, Ondřej Koukol, Karol Marhold, Pavel Škaloud
5.3. Pádraic Flood Max Planck Institute  for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne Convergent evolution to extreme altitude in tropical East Africa
12.3. Poster session (15:00-17:00)    
19.3. Jan Roleček Institute of Botany AV ČR and Institute of Zoology and Botany, Masaryk University Brno Perikarpatská lesostep: koncept, diverzita vegetace a historie 
26.3. Ph.D. students presentations (15:00-17:30)   Kristýna Hošková: Modern phytolith analysis: development of possible solutions for (paleo-)ecological problems;  Adam Klimeš: Ecological differences between herbs and woody plants, and evolution of the herbaceous habit; Ludmila Rejlová: Polyploid speciation and other evolutionary processes in the genus Urtica; Karel Švec: Factors shaping microbial communities associated with ecologically important bark beetles; Kateřina Trumhová: Seasonal dynamics of mats composed by conjugating green algae (Zygnematophyceae)
2.4. UNCE (velká zoologická posluchárna)   Robert Tropek (Dept. of Ecology): Does biodiversity stand on the shoulders of giants? Disturbances by forest elephants in rainforests of Mount Cameroon; Vladimír Soukup (Dept. of Zoology): Uncovering mysteries of oropharyngeal morphogenesis; Tomáš Urfus (Dept. of Botany): Risk of crop-to-wild hybridization ; Martin Bartuška (Inst. for Environmental Studies): Soil organic matter and its fractions in soil
9.4. Jakub Těšitel Institute of Zoology and Botany, Masaryk University Brno Evolutionary ecology of parasitic plants
16.4. Jeff Johansen Department of Biology,
John Carroll University
Horizontal gene transfer in Cyanobacteria: from serendipity to
23.4. Amandine Cornille Génétique Quantitative et Évolution, INRA, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette Adaptive genomics of the apple-aphid interaction in a context of domestication
30.4. Meike Piepenbring Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity Incentives and challenges for mycologists in the tropics
7.5. Martin Hejda Institute of Botany AV ČR, Průhonice The spread of global invaders and the evolutionary naivity of natives 
14.5. Tomasz Suchan W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences hyRAD hybridization capture method for studying degraded DNA in a phylogenetic and phylogeographic context


All seminars are in lecture room Krajinova posluchárna (2nd mezzanine, Benátská 2, Praha 2). Guests welcome!

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