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About The Department

práce v laboratořiThe Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry was established in 1988 as the historically first department in what was then Czechoslovakia. We are part of the Chemistry Section of the Faculty of ScienceCharles University. The department focuses on chemical education and guarantees the education of future secondary chemistry teachers and upper elementary school teachers of chemistry. And in cooperation with other departments, also combinations of chemistry education with biology, mathematics, geology and physics. Accredited study programs cover the bachelor's and master's study fields. chem_budova3.jpgAnd successful absolvents can continue their studies in the accredited doctoral (PhD) study program Didactics of Chemistry, which focuses on research and development activities at all levels of chemical education. The department organizes lifelong learning courses for chemistry teachers, supplementary studies in for graduates of other chemical disciplines, the “University of the third age” in the field of chemistry.

 We also organize the preparatory courses in chemistry for high school students interested in studying at universities. The department participates in a number of international projects, including projects supported by the ESF. The employees of the department are active members of international organizations and participate in many other activities in the field of chemical education.

History of the Department

The preparation of future science teachers in secondary schools has always been part of studies at the Faculty of Science. But the teaching of natural sciences as a separate scientific discipline was first introduced in the 1960s, and by 1972 the Faculty of Science Charles University established a department that focused on teaching in addition to the methodology and history of natural sciences, specifically the teaching of biology and chemistry. In 1988, independent departments dedicated to the teaching of natural sciences were established, one of which was the Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry. It is the only department specializing in the teaching of chemistry in Czech Republic.

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