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Oocyte day

Start date Jan 22, 2019

The Faculty of Science, Charles University, in cooperation with the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics CAS, cordially invites all those interested in Oocyte Day, which will be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, at 10 pm in Viničná 7, Prague 2. One of the speakers will be prof. Takeo Kishimoto! Entry is free and subject to registration.

Published Jan 04, 2019

POPULAR SCIENCE: How are holes in sandstone formed?

Larger or smaller holes are often found on sandstone walls, sometimes separated by thin protrusions creating a structure resembling honeycombs. But how do these structures form? A team of scientists from the Institute of Hydrogeology asked this very question and experimentally verified the two most common theories.

Published Jan 07, 2019

Popular Science: A trip in Baroque Bohemia

Bohuslav Balbín was a Baroque scholar, priest, writer and a very gifted natural historian. He concentrated his findings in a magnificent work entitled "Miscellanea of the Bohemian Kingdom". The first volume of the book has recently been published - for the first time in the Czech language (the original work was written in Latin). It is full of detailed and highly interesting information about many subjects. It opens a deep insight into the history of Czech science.

Published Jan 13, 2019

Popular Science: Towards innovations with knowledge bases

The latest research reveals that “knowledge bases” have a significant influence on the performance of companies and even regions. This stems from the theory that the process of innovation can have different forms in different sectors (or even in a single company). Now, we distinguish among three types of knowledge bases: analytical (exploring of scientific frontiers in subjects like nano/bio-technology), synthetic (applying of scientific knowledge in industry) and symbolic (creative industry – design, fashion, film). Viktor Květoň and Vojtěch Kadlec from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development tried to shed a light on the development and spatial pattern of those three knowledge bases in EU regions and their influence on the innovation process.

Published Dec 24, 2018

Popular Science: The work of anthropologists in commercial archaeology

While excavating human remains in commercial archaeology, anthropologists are often limited by financial and time constraints and the collection of meaningful information is therefore rather difficult. That is why technologies and work methodology need to be quicker, cheaper and simpler and the collaboration between anthropologists, archaeologists and developers needs to be better to achieve maximal results. Erika Průchová from our faculty and her colleagues examined these field techniques and their effectiveness during the recent excavation of three cemeteries in Karlín, Prague.

Published Aug 06, 2018

Popular Science: How to score an invasion?

There are already several documents listing the one hundred worst alien species in Europe and aiming at raising awareness of the biological invasions and their possible impact. However, an international team, including Professor Petr Pyšek from the Department of Ecology of the Faculty of Science, decided to create a first list based on objective, precisely-defined criteria scoring the plant and animal species with respect to their real potential to cause ecological and socioeconomic damage in Europe.

Published Jan 01, 2019

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