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Workshop: Advanced Methods of Scanning Electron Microscopy

Start date Sep 25, 2023 - Sep 27, 2023

This course is focused on a theoretical and practical introduction to scanning electron microscopy and its biological applications. The course is limited to 15 participants including both begining and intermediate SEM users.

Published Aug 31, 2023

7th PhD Conference in Immunology

Start date Sep 25, 2023 - Sep 26, 2023

The Department of Cell Biology organizes the 7th annual gathering of students associated with the PhD Immunology program at the Charles University. You can look forward to an inspiring atmosphere and three international guests. Don't forget to sign up!

Published Jun 23, 2023

Welcome Day for New International Degree Students 2023

You are cordially invited to the Welcome Day on 3 October 2023 at the Hybernská Campus. Its aim is to give new students the opportunity to meet freshmen from other faculties, to learn about student life in Prague, the functioning of the university and to experience a bit of Czech culture.

Published Sep 14, 2023

Mathematical - Biological Seminar

We cordially invite all those interested to a series of mathematics and biology seminars, which will be held from the winter semester on Tuesdays in Viničná 7.

Published Sep 18, 2023

Visit of the Korean delegation to our faculty

On Friday, 18th August, a delegation from the Korean Jeonbuk National University visited our faculty (and other faculties of Charles University). The visit, which was interested in the ways of teaching and establishing possible cooperation, was welcomed at the faculty by the vice-dean for the biology section, Prof. Petr Horák. Together, they visited several specialized laboratories in Viničná 7 and finally the Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science.

Published Aug 18, 2023

An Interesting Collaboration Revealed

In a new study, researchers from the Faculty of Science of Charles University, in collaboration with researchers from Max-Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology and European Molecular Biology Laboratory from Heidelberg, have delved into the intricate partnership between anaerobic amoebae from the genus Pelomyxa and their prokaryotic companions. Pelomyxa, known for their unique symbiotic relationships with multiple prokaryotic endosymbionts, has long mystified scientists regarding the role these symbionts play in their host's metabolism. The study was published in the prestigious ISME Journal.

Published Aug 29, 2023

How to convert teaching from in-class to online environment

Are you struggling with teaching via Zoom or other online platforms? Are you exhausted after every class taught online? Are your students less engaged online than in-class? Are you unable to cover all the planned material while teaching online? This two-session interactive course is tailored-made for lecturers who are in the process of converting their in-class courses to the online environment. It provides basic tips about what to do and will help you feel more confident about teaching online.

Published Nov 03, 2020

Fish Conference in Prague

Last week the XVII European Congress of Ichthyology took place in Prague. The main co-organizer was Zuzana Musilová from the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Charles University, who organized the conference together with colleagues from the Czech University of Life Sciences and the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Published Sep 13, 2023

A new way to understand animals: "Bioacoustic AI" to make sense of their sounds

Machine learning, often called "AI", makes it possible to uncover the mysterious world of animal communication, analysing their sounds that convey so much information. A new project called Bioacoustic AI is going to make this happen, and will use that information to monitor and protect wildlife. Tereza Petrusková from the Department of Ecology is participating in the project on behalf of our faculty.

Published Sep 01, 2023

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