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What influences the geography of gay places and how?

Michal Pitoňák, a PhD student from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague is interested in queer geography – the geography of sexuality. Together with his colleague, Koessan Gabiam from Belgium, they try to describe and explain factors that influence the localization and diversification of gay places. Similar studies have been done on the scale of a region or country, most often on a city scale. Michal Pitoňák and Koessan Gabiam, however, analysed all the states of the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland.

Published Apr 09, 2015

How is healthcare for foreigners in Czechia?

Geographers from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development in the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague are interested in migration and its aspects. In one of the case studies they investigated the Czech healthcare and insurance system in relation to foreigners. Based on Czech law Dušan Drbohlav, Dagmar Dzúrová and two colleagues from Spain made and tested the hypothesis that foreigners have disadvantages compared to native Czech citizens.

Published Apr 09, 2015

STARS program is open for applications

Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague has launched its program supporting talented PhD research students from all over the world. During the STARS 2015 call, prospective students can apply to PhD research topics announced on the web pages on January 1, 2015. Deadline for application is February, 28, 2015.

Published Jan 07, 2015

Investigations into traces of life on Mars

Investigations of potential life or traces of life in space are no doubt an exciting part of contemporary science. One of the Czech Republic's experts in this area, geochemist Jan Jehlička (Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources) and his colleagues recently made a significant contribution to preparing the application of Raman spectroscopy in future Mars missions.

Published Dec 01, 2014

Suburbanisation in the post-communist world

"Urban sprawl", the English term used to describe spontaneous expansion of human populations to suburban areas, has found a firm place also in Czech. While in the US, the country where this term was born, this phenomenon reached its climax years ago, it is still booming in a number of other regions of the world. The post-communist part of Europe has been one of such regions for the last twenty five years.

Published Nov 17, 2014

Money for research comes from Norway

Professor Zdena Palková of the Genetics and Microbiology Department is known for her original yeast cell colony research projects. This year she has managed to get substantial financial support for her work. Her team has become one of nineteen teams in the Czech Republic to receive grants from the Czech-Norwegian Research Programme.

Published Oct 24, 2014

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