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Popular Science: Are we closer to revealing the origins of mammalian neocortex?

Mammals are unique with their six-layered neocortex. No other vertebrate clade has a brain structured in such a way. For example a reptile’s dorsal cortex consists of one layer of pyramidal cells with little functional differentiation. The development of the neocortex is a primary contribution to mammalian intelligence – including ours. How has this complex structure evolved? As phylogeny is a succession of ontogenies, or individual developments, understanding the mechanisms of ontogenetic development can help us understand brain evolution in an essential way.

Published Jun 09, 2015

Faculty News: Functional Nanomaterials Symposium FuNMat 2015

Start date Jul 30, 2015

Department of Organic Chemistry of Faculty of Science announces an international symposium „Functional Nanomaterials" on 30th of July, 2015. DEADLINE for abstract submission is 30th of June, 2015. The afternoon session will feature posters from students and postdocs, and there are still available slots for talks.

Published May 06, 2015

Popular Science: Tug-of-war between parents and children: clonal spread boundaries

How do plants spread? Through seeds, of course - that is what most people would reply quite automatically. The truth, however, is that many plants also use much more effective mechanisms for flooding their surroundings with off-springs, e.g. stolons and rhizomes. (Charles University) Faculty of Science botanists have endeavoured to discover a clearly-set strategy behind this type of spread.

Published Apr 21, 2015

Popular Science: What influences the geography of gay places and how?

Michal Pitoňák, a PhD student from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague is interested in queer geography – the geography of sexuality. Together with his colleague, Koessan Gabiam from Belgium, they try to describe and explain factors that influence the localization and diversification of gay places. Similar studies have been done on the scale of a region or country, most often on a city scale. Michal Pitoňák and Koessan Gabiam, however, analysed all the states of the European Union (EU), Norway and Switzerland.

Published Apr 09, 2015

Popular Science: How is healthcare for foreigners in Czechia?

Geographers from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development in the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague are interested in migration and its aspects. In one of the case studies they investigated the Czech healthcare and insurance system in relation to foreigners. Based on Czech law Dušan Drbohlav, Dagmar Dzúrová and two colleagues from Spain made and tested the hypothesis that foreigners have disadvantages compared to native Czech citizens.

Published Apr 09, 2015

Popular Science: Tracking Paleoclimate in High Central Andes

As summers and vegetation seasons pass by, plant remains accumulate and in waterlogged areas they turn into peat bogs. These bogs contain thousands of years of paleo information from which we are able, using specific techniques, to reconstruct environmental conditions persisting in the past. Actually, this was the science which, in the early 19th century, revealed the existence of the green-house effect. But back to our recent article.

Published Feb 23, 2015

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