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A student of our faculty has been admitted to the most prestigious international PhD program EMBL

The EMBL International Doctoral Programme (EIPP) is the most prestigious postgraduate programme in Europe. It aims to promote excellence in the molecular life sciences and to train young talented scientists. One of them will be Pavlina Marková, a student of our faculty from the Soft Matter research group at the Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry, starting this October. Congratulations on the acceptance!

Published Aug 08, 2022

The prestigious EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship was awarded to a graduate of our faculty

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships support outstanding graduate students from all over the world. With a scientific breadth of research, a wide geographical reach and more than 1800 top experts from around the world, EMBO members help young scientists to further their research, promote their international reputation and ensure their mobility. We are honoured that one of the recipients of the prestigious EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship is Vedrana Marković Ph.D. , a PhD graduate from the Department of Experimental Plant Biology of our Faculty. Congratulations!

Published Jul 19, 2022

Social mobility of elites in the Central European regions (1861–1926)

On what foundations did modern European societies grow? Who were the people who fundamentally directed and influenced the development of these societies? How did the position and selection of elites change in different regimes? What were the differences between elites in various Central European regions? Finding answers to these questions is the focus of the project Social mobility of elites in the Central European regions (1861–1926).

Published Jul 26, 2022

European Congress of Conservation Biology 2022

The Society for Conservation Biology is probably the most renowned society in the field of conservation. This year's conference will take place on 22-26 August at the ČZU. Conference papers can be submitted until 15 February 2022.

Published Jan 31, 2022

New calls for postdoc applicants open

We are looking for prospective international, non czech citizens, post-docs for research within a specific field of biology, chemistry and geography. Deadline for applications is July 20th, 2022.

Published Jun 17, 2022

How to convert teaching from in-class to online environment

Are you struggling with teaching via Zoom or other online platforms? Are you exhausted after every class taught online? Are your students less engaged online than in-class? Are you unable to cover all the planned material while teaching online? This two-session interactive course is tailored-made for lecturers who are in the process of converting their in-class courses to the online environment. It provides basic tips about what to do and will help you feel more confident about teaching online.

Published Nov 03, 2020

The first ever Science in Shorts competition has its winners

The first ever Science in Shorts competition has its winners. We are very honoured that one of them is Mgr. Pavel Doležal, Ph.D. from the Department of Parasitology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University and BIOCEV. Congratulations! The Science in Shorts competition, organised by the Nature Awards and Springer Nature in collaboration with Merc KGaA, aims to provide young scientists with a new platform to present their research to the widest possible audience in an accessible, fun and engaging way.

Published Jul 14, 2022

Trans-Atlantic Training 2022

Start date Sep 05, 2022 - Sep 09, 2022

From 5 to 9 September 2022, Prague will host the Trans-Atlantic Training (TAT) 2022, entitled "A Changing Eastern Europe: New Challenges for Science and Capacity Building in Land Remote Sensing", jointly organised by Charles University and ESA and NASA.

Published Jul 13, 2022

Curbing Candida: The Cells That Keep Fungal Infections at Bay

Of all the fungi that live in the human body, the most infamous is probably the yeast Candida. This distant cousin of baker’s yeast is notorious for causing various types of thrush that can be a major nuisance, but it can also lead to an invasive infection that may, on occasion, prove fatal. In a study published in Nature Immunology, a Weizmann Institute of Science research team headed by Prof. Jakub Abramson uncovered a previously unknown defense mechanism employed by the immune system in fighting Candida infections. Immunologist Jan Dobeš from the Laboratory of Microbial Immunology at the our Department of Cell Biology also participated in the research.

Published Jun 29, 2022

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