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Internal Legislation of the Charles University, Faculty of Science

As approved by the Academic Senate of Faculty of Science on May 22nd 2017 and by the Academic Senate of Charles University on June 2nd 2017. These internal regulations are valid from September 1st 2017. The Rules for the Organisation of Studies and the Rules for the Awarding of Scholarships were amended in 2018, 2020 and in 2021.

Internal Legislation:

  1. Constitution of the Faculty of Science of Charles University
  2. Code of Electoral Procedure for the Academic Senate
  3. Code of Procedure for the Academic Senate
  4. Code of Procedure for the Research Board
  5. Rules of Study
  6. Disciplinary Code for Students
  7. Rules for Awarding Scholarships and Bursaries

Dean's Measures:

  1. Dean's Measure No. 11-2023 on the Implementation of the Competitive Hiring Process Code
  2. Dean’s Measure No. 14-2021 On Studies Conducted in English Language
  3. Dean´s Measure No. 32-2021 Assessment Criteria of Academics and Researchers
  4. Dean's Measure No. 37-2021 to provide for the register of pedagogical activities carried out by staff subject to assessment
  5. Dean's Measure No. 12-2023 - Academic calendar 2023/2024
  6. Dean's Measure No. 16-2023 on the Implementation of the Career Rules and Assessment of Academics and Researchers
  7. Dean's Measure No. 7-2023 - On Awarding and Paying Scholarships and Bursaries
  8. Dean's Measure No. 20-2023 - To Provide Training of Students for Field Teaching and Physical Education Teaching
    Appendix No. 1
    - Appendix No. 2
  9. Dean’s Measure No. 12-2022 - Taking an Exam by Students on the Second Resit Date before the Examination Board
  10. Dean’s Measure No. 1-2024 Organizational Rules of Charles University, Faculty of Science
    Attachment No. 1 List of Workplaces
    Attachment No. 3 English names of workplaces
  11. Dean's Measure No. 13-2023 Rules for recording, submitting and publishing theses
  12. Dean’s Measure No. 02-2019 on the programme STARS aimed at supporting talented doctoral students


Valid internal legislation of the Faculty of Science is stored in the archives of the Academic Senate of the Faculty and at the Secretariat of the Academic Senate of Charles University.

A list of all valid internal regulations can also be found in the overview on the website of the Academic Senate of Charles University.

In case of any ambiguity, the Czech version of the original regulation in paper form bearing the appropriate signatures is binding.

Other binding documents governing the activities of the Faculty of Science, its employees and students are in particular the Dean’s Measures, Dean’s Orders, the Bursar’s Orders and the Bursar’s Communications, available in Czech Language. Logging in is necessary in order to access documents of an internal nature.


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