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Lecture of Segio Rasmann

Start date May 02, 2016

Elevation gradients drives the evolution of plant defence strategies against herbivores.

Published Apr 29, 2016

Marine phycology course 2016

Start date Sep 03, 2016 - Sep 09, 2016

This course is concentrated on biodiversity of marine algae communities in the Mediterranean or along the European north coasts (Baltic, North Sea). In addition, marine phytoplankton is also demonstrated during the course that takes place usually in September.

Published Apr 05, 2016

Hyb-Seq NGS course

Start date Dec 18, 2015

Do you want to start a phylogenomic project and sequence hundreds of genes in parallel? Do you want to learn how to prepare probes for enrichment of sequencing libraries in your species? Do you want to learn how to process NGS reads and produce a species tree?

Published Dec 03, 2015

Renovation of server hardware and software updates

Start date Dec 21, 2015 - Dec 23, 2015

There is a time to update hardware of our departmental server. It will give us better performance. We will exchange hard drives for 2x2 TB to double capacity for users' data and 2x480 GB SSD for better performance. We will also update server operating system.

Published Dec 01, 2015

Course of work with molecular data in R 2016

Start date Jan 25, 2016 - Jan 27, 2016

R is nowadays probably the most powerful tool for statistics of all types. There are plenty of modules available for work with molecular data. Those will be introduced during the course. Previous knowledge of R is useful, but not necessary.

Published Nov 26, 2015

Course of work in Linux command line not only for MetaCentrum 2016

Start date Jan 28, 2016 - Jan 29, 2016

Don’t be afraid of command line! It is friendly and powerful tool. Practically identical is command line also in Mac OS X, BSD and another UNIX-based systems, not only in Linux. Basic knowledge of Linux is not conditional. Course will be taught in Linux, but most of the point are applicable also for another UNIX systems like Mac OS X.

Published Nov 26, 2015

Popular Science: A way to discover the true species diversity of single-celled organisms?

What is the true diversity of organisms on our planet? That is the question that keeps many scientists awake at night. Interestingly, until now many more macroscopic organisms have been described than the very smallest ones, invisible to the naked eye. But one would probably assume that those tiny organisms will be more abundant as they've had obviously much more time for their differentiation.

Published Oct 20, 2015

Faculty News: Charles University will have the long expected campus at Albertov

Charles University has announced an architectural contest for the building of two new research sites at Albertov, Prague. It’s the University’s largest building project in the center of Prague in the last hundred years. The project will involve new state-of-the-art research sites, top notch laboratories and classrooms, and also refectories and venues for social events, all located in the area where currently thousands of students and academic staff members study, work, and live. The name of the project is Campus Albertov, to become an important center of scientific and medicinal research at Charles University. The campus should open in the start of 2022. The jury of the contest will feature, among others, important Czech architects Josef Pleskot and Ladislav Lábus.

Published Sep 04, 2015

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