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Prague Protein Spring 2018

The conference will reflect both the theoretical and the experimental points of view, and finally, tackle a question of utilization of the knowledge in applied science. The major goal of PPS 2018 meeting is to propose a discussion on the current progress in the field and anticipate the future direction in protein science. It will take place on May 3 - May 6 Prague, Villa Lanna.

Published Mar 15, 2018

A century of human African trypanosomiasis drugs

Start date Mar 27, 2018

Lecture by Martin Zoltner, Ph.D. Senior Research Associate, University of Dundee, Division of Biological Chemistry & Drug Discovery, Dundee, Scotland. Tuesday 27th of March 2018 at 3:00 p.m. in the main BIOCEV building, Průmyslová 595, Vestec, conference hall (Kinosál).

Published Mar 08, 2018

Hot new book Lexis in Demography

Recently published book by two members of the Department of Demography and Geodemography, Klara Hulikova and Olga Kurtinova, offers a rather less traditional point of view on research in the field of population issues.

Published Nov 06, 2017

Popular Science: Prague banks in foreign hands

The geographical distribution and behaviour of banks have recently become targets of more and more research. Who and where rules the economic power mirrors wider consequences and regional development as well. The majority of studies have concerned the most important bank centres so far. Jiří Blažek and Ilona Bečicová from the Department of Social Geography and Regional Development have analysed the development of Prague’s bank cluster and emphasized the (dis)advantages related to the takeover of the majority of Czech banks by multinational groups.

Published May 03, 2017

STARS helps our PhD programes turn international

Interview with prof. RNDr. Jakub Langhammer, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of external relations and information technology of the Charles University Faculty of Science concerning the STARS program.

Published Feb 21, 2018

Quo Vadis Chemie: Supramolecular Fluorescence-Based Sensing

Start date Feb 26, 2018

Supramolecular chemistry with its emphasis on molecular association and ligand binding is an ideal tool to investigate enzyme-ligand interactions. The Lecture Hall CH2, the School of Chemistry Building, FoS CU, Hlavova 8, Praha 2.

Published Feb 07, 2018

New ERC Consolidator grant at our faculty!

Vladimír Hampl and his team at Department of parasitology and BIOCEV gets ERC Consolidator grant! The five-year project "Life without mitochondrion" will examine two potentially amitochondriate lineages by means of genomics and transcriptomics, conduct experiments simulating the moments of mitochondrial loss and try to induce the mitochondrial loss in vitro by knocking out or down genes for mitochondrial biogenesis.

Published Nov 30, 2017

Dependent Growth: Foreign Investment and the Development of the Automotive Industry in East-Central Europe by prof. Petr Pavlínek

This book offers a critical analysis of recent developments in the automotive industry of East-Central Europe (ECE). Economists, industry specialists and national governments have considered the rapid development of the automotive industry in ECE in the past twenty years an unqualified success. The book was published by publishing house Springer.

Published Nov 22, 2017

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