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prof. RNDr. Stanislav Opluštil, Ph.D.

Coal Geology and petrology, sedimentary geology, stratigraphy

Phone: +420 221951502
Office: P16 C
E-mail: oplustilnatur.cuni.cz

ORCID 0000-0003-2493-6009
Researcher ID I-5905-2017
Scopus ID 6506976353

Professional Experience and Career

Professor, Charles University 2018 - date
Associate Professor, Charles University 2007-2018
Assistant Lecturer, Charles University 1990-2007
Geologist, Mine Slaný 1987-1990


PhD, Charles University 2000
PhD, study stay, Botanical Garden Córdoba, Spain  (1 month) 1994
PhD, study stay, University M. et P. Curie, Paris (1 month) 1993
Mgr (=MSc) Sedimentary Geology, Charles University 1987

Research Interests

  • Sedimentary geology and genesis of coal-bearing deposits/basins
  • Late Paleozoic paleogeography and stratigraphy
  • Coal petrology and sedimentary processes in peat-forming environments
  • Plant taphonomy and palaeoecology of terrestrial ecosystems
  • Paleobotany


  • Historical geology and stratigraphy
  • Coal geology and petrology
  • Paleoecology
  • Physical geology

Selected Publications


Schneider, J.W., Lucas, S.G., Scholze, F., Voigt, S., Marchetti, L., Klein, H., Opluštil, S., Werneburg, R., Golubev, V.K., Barrick, J.E., Nemyrovska, T., Ronchi, A., Day, M.O., Silantiev, V.V., Rößler, R., Saber, H., Linnemann, U., Zharinova, V., Shen, S.Z., 2019. Late Paleozoic-early Mesozoic continental biostratigraphy – links to the Standard Global Chronostratigraphic Scale. Palaeoword, doi.org/10.1016/j.palwor.2019.09.001.

Opluštil, S., Lojka, R., Rosenau, N., Strnad, L., Kędzior, A., 2019. Climatically-driven cyclicity and peat formation in fluvial setting of the Moscovian – Early Kasimovian Cracow Sandstone Series, Upper Silesia (Poland). International Journal of Coal Geology 212, doi.org/10.1016/j.coal.2019.103234

Opluštil, S., Pšenička, J., Bek, J., 2019. Omphalophloios wagneri sp. nov., a new sub-arborescent lycopsid from the middleMoscovian (Middle Pennsylvansian) of the Illinois Basin, USA. Review of Palaeobotany and palynology 271, doi.org/10.1016/j.revpalbo.2019.104105.

Pšenička, J., Rößler, R., Frojdová, J., Opluštil, S., Merbitz, M., 2019. A new anatomically preserved Alloiopteris fern from Moscovian (Bolsovian) volcanoclastics of Flöha (Flöha Basin, SE Germany). Paläontologische Zeitschrift, DOI 10.1007/s12542-019-00482-x.


Žák, J., Svojtka, M., Opluštil, S., 2018. Topographic inversion and changes in the sediment routing systems in the Variscan orogenic belt as revealed by detrital zircon and monazite U-Pb geochronology in post-collisional continental basins. Sedimentary Geology 377, 63-81.

Opluštil, S., Sýkorová, I., 2018. Early Pennsylvanian ombrotrophic mire of the Prokop Coal (Upper Silesian Basin); what does it say about climate? International Journal of Coal Geology 198, 116-143.

Opluštil, S., Lojka, R., Pšenička, J., Yilmaz, C., Yilmaz, M., 2018. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Amasra coalfield (Pennsylvanian), NW Turkey – New insight from a 1 km thick section. International Journal of Coal Geology 195, 317-346.

Jirásek, J., Opluštil, S., Sivek, M., Schmitz, D.M., Abels, H.A., 2018. Astronomical forcing of Carboniferous paralic sedimentary cycles in the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic (Serpukhovian, latest Mississippian): New radiometric ages afford an astronomical age model for European biozonations and substages. Earth-Science Reviews 177, 715–741.

Edress N.A.A., Opluštil, S., Sýkorová, I., 2018. Depositional environments of the Jurassic Maghara main coal seam in north central Sinai, Egypt. Journal of African Earth Sciences 140, 241-255.


Martínek, K., Pešek, J., Opluštil, S. 2017. Significant hiatuses in the terrestrial Late Variscan Central and Western Bohemian basins (Late Pennsylvanian–Early Cisuralian) and their possible tectonic and climatic links. Geologica Carpathica 682(3), 269-281.

Pšenička, J., Mosca, P., Opluštil, S.,  Martinetto, E. 2017. New late Palaeozoic plant remains in the Ligurian Alps (Italy). Bulletin of Geosciences 92(1), 95–122 Bollettino della Società Paleontologica Italiana, 56 (1), 13-33.

Opluštil, S., Jirásek, J., Schmitz, M., Matýsek, D. 2017. Biotic changes around the radioisotopically constrained Carboniferous – Permian boundary in the Boskovice Basin (Czech Republic). Bulletin of Geosciences. 92(1), 95–122 .

Opluštil, S., Šimůnek, Z., Pšenička, J., Bek, J., Libertín, M. 2017. A 25 million year macrofloral record (Carboniferous – Permian) in the Czech part of the Intra-Sudetic Basin; biostratigraphy, plant diversity and vegetation patterns. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology244, 241-307.


Opluštil, S., Schmitz, M., Kachlík, V., Štamberg, S. 2016. Re-assessment of lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and volcanic activity of the Late Paleozoic Intra-Sudetic, Krkonoše-Piedmont and Mnichovo Hradiště basins (Czech Republic) based on new U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS ages. Bulletin of Geosciences 91(2), 399–432.

Opluštil, S., Pšenička, J., Šimůnek, Z., Libertín, M., 2016.  Floras of clastic and peat-forming Pennsylvanian wetlands: are they different? A case study from the Upper Radnice Coal (late Duckmantian), Kladno Coalfield, Czech Republic. Spanish Journal of Paleontology 31(1), 145-180.

Opluštil, S., Schmitz, M., Cleal, C.J., Martínek, K., 2016. A review of the Middle-Late Pennsylvanian west European regional substages and floral biozones, and their correlation to the Global Time Scale based on new U-Pb ages. Earth Science Reviews 154, 301-335.


Opluštil, S., Lojka, R., Rosenau, N.A., Strnad, L., Sýkorová, I., 2015. Middle Moscovian climate of eastern equatorial Pangea recorded in paleosols and fluvial architecture. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 440, 328–352.

Pšenička, J., Kolar-Jurkovšek, T., Opluštil, S., Novak, M., 2015. Stephanian fossil flora from Paralic Carboniferous deposits of the Jesenice area (Slovenia) and its comparison with Czech localities. Folia 48(1-2), 21-64.

Bek, J., Opluštil, S., Drábková, J., Pšenička, J., 2015. The sub-arborescent lycopsid Omphalophloios feistmantelii (O. Feistmantel) comb. nov. emend. from the Middle Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic. Bulletin of Geosciences 90(1), 227-279.


Opluštil, S., Pšenička, J., Bek, J., Wang. J., Feng, Z., Libertín, M., Šimůnek, Z., Bureš, J., Drábková, J., 2014. T0 peat-forming plant assemblage preserved in growth position by volcanic ash-fall: A case study from the Middle Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic. Bulletin of Geosciences 89(4), 773-818.


Opluštil, S., Šimůnek, Z., Zajíc, J., Mencl, V., 2013. Climatic and biotic changes around the Carboniferous/Permian boundary recorded in the continental basins of the Czech Republic. International Journal of Coal Geology 119, 114-151.

Opluštil, S., Edress, N.A., Sýkorová, I., 2013. Climatic vs. tectonic controls on peat accretion in non-marine setting; an example from the Žacléř Formation (Yeadonian–Bolsovian) in the Intra-Sudetic Basin (Czech Republic). International Journal of Coal Geology 116-117, 135-157.

Pšenička, J., Opluštil, S., 2013. The epifytic plants in the fossil record and its example from in situ tuff from Pennsylvanian of Radnice Basin (Czech Republic). Bulletin of Geosciences 88(2), 401–416.

Opluštil, S., 2013. Flora from the Líně Formation (Czech Republic) as an example of floristic dynamics around the Carboniferous/Permian boundary. In: Lucas, S.G., et al. (eds.), The Carboniferous-Permian Transition. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Bulletin 60. 314-321.

Mach, K., Sýkorová, I., Konzalová, M., Opluštil, S., 2013. Effect of relative lake-level changes in mire–lake system on the petrographic and floristic compositions of a coal seam, in the Most Basin (Miocene), Czech Republic. International Journal of Coal Geology 105, 120–136.


Pšenička, J., Opluštil, S., Ronchi, A., Šimůnek, Z., 2012. Revision of the Pennsylvanian flora from Val Sanagra in western part of the Southern Alps (Italy). Folia 46, 1-2. 31-79.


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Bashforth, A.R., Drábková, J., Opluštil, S., Gibling, M.R., Falcon-Lang, H.J., 2011. Landscape gradients and patchiness in riparian vegetation on a Middle Pennsylvanian braided-river plain prone to flood disturbance (Nýřany Member, Central and Western Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic). Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 163, 153–189.


Opluštil, S., Bek, J., Schultka, S., 2010. Re-examination of the genus Omphalophloios White, 1898 from the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. Bulletin of Geosciences 85(1), 39–52.

Opluštil, S., 2010. Contribution to knowledge on ontogenetic developmental stages of Lepidodendron mannebachense Presl, 1838. Bulletin of Geosciences 85(2), 303–316.

Cleal, C.J., Opluštil, S., Thomas, B.A., Tenchov, Y. (eds.), 2010. Late Moscovian terrestrial biotas and palaeoenvironments of Variscan Euramerica. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 88 ( 4), 181-278.

Kusiak, M.A, Dunkley, D.J., Suzuki, K., Kachlík, V., Kedzior, A., Lekki, J., Opluštil, S., 2010. Chemical (non-isotopic) and isotopic dating of Phanerozoic zircon—A case study of durbachite from the Třebíč Pluton, Bohemian Massif. Gondwana Research 17, 153–161.


Opluštil, S., Bek, J., Drábková, J., 2009.A new bisporangiate lycopsid cone genus Thomasostrobus gen. nov. from the Late Pennsylvanian of the Intra-Sudetic Basin (Czech Republic). Bulletin of Geosciences 84(2), 283–300.

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Drábková, J., Bek, J., Opluštil, S., 2004. The first compression fossils of Spencerites (Scott) emend., and its isospores, from the Bolsovian (Pennsylvanian) of th Kladno-Rakovník and Radnice basins, Czech Republic. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 130,  59– 88.

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2000 - 1995

Bek, J., Opluštil, S. 1998.Some lycopsid, sphenopsid and pteropsid fructifications and their miospores from the Upper Carboniferous basins of the Bohemian Massif.-Palaeontographica Abt. B, 248, 127-161, Stuttgart.

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