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Presentation in the media

The map collection has been presented many times in Czech media. Presentation was mainly due to the director of the Map Collection PhDr. et Mgr. Eva Novotná. In the list below, you can view individual reports or read articles that have been created about the Map Collection.

Year 2019

​​Where: ČT24 (Studio 6) 

When: 19th November

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/1096902795-studio-6/219411010111113-studio-6-ii/obsah/732576-dny-geografie-2019

Comment: In the 11th - 15th November 2019 the Geography Days took place at Albertov. As part of this event, the Czech Television visited the Map Collection and filmed an interview with the Map Collection director PhDr. et Mgr. Eva Novotná and doc. RNDr. Pavel Chromý, Ph.D., President of the Czech Geographical Society.


Where: Česká televize (Toulavá kamera)

When: 23rd June

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1126666764-toulava-kamera/219562221500025/?fbclid=IwAR2N23OHGMz5ILhM46k81IodMEIaSkztYZtMBhjUXrOl9VCR1F0wr7PKVok

Report begins at 9:58

Comment: The Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky u Prahy and the Geographical Section of the Faculty of Science of Charles University organize an exhibition on the occasion of the 202nd anniversary of the birth and 132nd anniversary of the death of Jan Felkl, the founder and owner of the globe factory in Roztoky u Prahy.


Where: ČT24 (Věda 24)

When: 10th March

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/11633975240-veda-24/219411058340010/video/680680

Comment: The Czech Television filmed a report about the Felkl Phenomenon exhibition, which takes place in the Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky u Prahy until September 8th 2019.


Where: ČT2 (Dobré ráno)

When: 28th January

Link: Video is not available right now.

Komentář: A report by Petr Kotrla from the Brno TV studio about the Map Collection was broadcast on January 28th 2019 from 7:04 to 7:10.

Year 2018

Where: ČT24 (Studio 6)

When: 4th December

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1096902795-studio-6/218411010101204/

Report begins at 2:52:20.

Comment: PhDr. Eva Novotná and Ing. Miroslav Čábelka was in the Studio 6.


Where: ČT24 (Věda 24)

When: 25th November 

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/11633975240-veda-24/218411058340037/video/659314

Comment: On Sunday, November 25th 2018, Czech Television programme Věda 24 talked about Klaudyán's map of Bohemia with comments by Ing. Miroslav Čábelka and PhDr et Mgr. Eva Novotná.


Where: Český rozhlas Regina

When: 4th April

Link: https://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3998891

Comment: NOVOTNÁ, Eva a Václav MÜLLER. Mapová sbírka. In: Prahou křížem krážem [online]. Praha: Český rozhlas Regina, 13. 4. 2018 11:45 [cit. 2018-04-18].

Year 2017

Where: ČT1 (Studio 6)

When: 4th May

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1096902795-studio-6/217411010100504/video/541554

Komentář: On the opening day of the exhibition Jan Felkl and Son, Globe Factory on May 4th, 2017, there was a live entry from the Map Collection to the broadcast of Czech Television, Studio 6.


Where: Český rozhlas Plus

When: 11th May

Link: https://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3857545

Interview takes palce between 11 - 17 minute.

Komentář: On 11th May 2017, the director of the collection (PhDr. et Mgr Eva Novotná) together with Ing. Antonín Švejda (curator of collections of astronomy, geodesy of the National Technical Museum) appeared in the radio programme.


Where: Lidové noviny

When: 17th May

Title: Výstava glóbů na Přírodovědecké fakultě v Praze (Globes exhibition at the Faculty of Science in Prague)

Article available here:

TUČEK, Josef. Výstava glóbů na Přírodovědecké fakultě v Praze. Lidové noviny. 17.5.2017, roč, 29, s. 16. ISSN 1213-1385.

Comment: TUČEK, Josef. Výstava glóbů na Přírodovědecké fakultě v Praze. Lidové noviny. 17.5.2017, roč, 29, s. 16. ISSN 1213-1385.


Where: Newsletter Klubu Alumni

When: Issue 6/2017

Title of the article: Výstava: „J. Felkl & syn, továrna na glóby“ 

Link: https://ipsc.cuni.cz/IPSC-82-version1-newsletter_alumni_2017_06.pdf


Where: Revue 50+

Title of the article: J. Felkl & syn, továrna na glóby



Year 2016 

Where: ČRo Sever (Planetárium)

When: 6th February

Link: https://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3562407

The Map Collection talk begins at 4:30.

Comment: On Saturday, February 6th, an interview with the Director of the Map Collection PhDr. et Mgr. Eva Novoutna was broadcast (in the programme Planetárium). 


Where: ČRo Sever (Planetárium)

When: 30th January

Link: https://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3557388

The prof. Václava Švambery talk begins at 25:23.

Comment: On Saturday, January 30th an interview with the Map Collection Director PhDr. et Mgr. Eva Novotná. Frederik Velinský made an interview on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of prof. V. Švambera. This great geographer and hydrologist contributed to the founding of the Institute of Geography at Charles University and was one of the initiators of the construction of the building for science fields in Albertov.

Year 2014

Where: ČT24 (Studio 6 Víkend)

When: 7th December

Link: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10441287766-studio-6-vikend/214411010121207/video/367998

Comment: During the Studio 6 Víkend on December 7th 2014, an interview with Ing. Petr Žabička, the principal investigator of the TEMAP project from Moravian Library, and the most active contributor in the georeferencing of old maps - Ondřej Dedek from Ostrava. In the report you will find a lot of interesting information about this project.


Where: ČRo Plus (Magazín Leonardo)

When: 17. prosince

Link: https://prehravac.rozhlas.cz/audio/3276003

The interview begins at 21:40

Comment: Interesting interview about the second round of competition in georeferencing of old maps on the radio station ČRo Plus: BURIANOVÁ, Tereza. Magazín Leonardo: neživá příroda. Radio, ČRo Plus, 17. 12. 2014 21:40.


Where: ČRo Plus (Magazín Leonardo)

When: 17. prosince

Link: https://plus.rozhlas.cz/magazin-leonardo-neziva-priroda-6609674

Comment: Accompanying article for the Czech Radio Plus interview.

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