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Research Areas

The basis of the scientific activity of the department is in the sphere of theory and application.

The focus of the scientific activities of the Department is theory and its application which is based on cooperation not only with foreign countries, but also with the Czech institutions that  provide materials for foreign embassies and Czech government institutions.

The Department have been involved in a research project titled "Geographic Systems and Risk Processes in the context of global changes and European integration" (MSM 0021620831). This is currently a core scientific program in the geographical section of the Faculty of Science. Some members of the Department are currently involved in research project  PRVOUK P43 Geografie or project UNCE.

Other scientific activity of the grant activities.

The main research areas of the Department members

Name Main research areas
RNDr. Boris Burcin, Ph.D.
population forecasts, the analysis of mortality, regional differentiation of population development, methods and models in demography, applied demography
Doc. RNDr. Ludmila Fialová, CSc.
historical demography,
history of the Czech population
RNDr. Klára Hulíková Tesárková, Ph.D.
analysis of mortality, focusing on the highest ages, applied demography in the field of education and insurance, mathematical and statistical methods in demography
RNDr. Jiřina Kocourková, Ph.D.
family and population policy, reproductive behavior and family planning
Ing. Jaroslav Kraus, Ph.D.
the issue of population censuses, geodemography
RNDr. Tomáš Kučera, CSc.
population forecasts, regional and local population development, applied demography
Mgr. et Mgr. Barbora Kuprová
historical demography
RNDr. Olga Kurtinová, Ph.D
the relationship between economic and demographic trends, population / family policy, family formation and fertility, population aging, demographic and economic theories and methods
Mgr. Tereza Pachlová
regional differentiation of demographic processes, methods of demographic analysis
Prof. RNDr. Jitka Rychtaříková, CSc.
analysis of population trends Czech Republic and developed countries, regional and social aspects of demographic processes, methods in demography, applied demography
RNDr. Luděk Šídlo, Ph.D.
demographic aging, applied demography (especially in the field of health-care), regional differentiation of demographic behavior, population development in the Czech Republic after 1990
PhDr. Mgr. Anna Šťastná, Ph.D.anna.stastna@natur.cuni.cz reproductive behavior, formation and disintegration of the family, study career and methods of event-history analysis, family policy, data analysis surveys
Doc. PhDr. Alice Velková, Ph.D.alice.velkova@natur.cuni.cz historical demography, social stratification of 1650-1850, family and household 1650-1850, crime of women in the 19th century

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