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Practical information for admission of foreign students

Key steps in the admission process (for quick navigation, see the document outline on the left)

  1. Submit an online application for admission 

  2. Apply for the nostrification, as soon as possible after submitting the application

  3. Obtain the residence permit after receiving the official acceptance letter

  4. Arrange the health insurance while applying for the residence permit

  5. Arrange the accommodation while applying for the residence permit

  6. Arrive in Czechia after obtaining the residence permit and before the enrollment date

  7. Enroll for the study - around October 1st

  8. Extend the residence permit one year later

Nostrification (recognition of the MSc. degree obtained abroad)

As soon as possible, after selecting a student (before admission to full-time study by the Dean), ask the student to obtain a nostrification of his/her MSc. degree (see below for details).

Based on valid international agreements, applicants who have completed a master's degree in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Slovenia do not need nostrification - they only prove their education with a diploma, as do graduates who obtained their degree in the Czech Republic.

A) We recommend that the future students use the possibility of assessing the documents on applicants' foreign education for the purposes of further study in the Czech Republic according to § 48 of the Higher Education Act - so-called "accelerated nostrification", which saves applicants time and money, and also allows to assess education in fields that are not accredited at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University, not even at Charles University. The assessment of foreign education within the accelerated nostrification will be performed by  the Study Department of the Faculty of Science of Charles University, on the basis of the supplied documents. The department will not examine the content of foreign studies. This assessment will be valid only for the purpose of further study at this specific faculty of Charles University. If the applicant applies to more than one faculty within the Charles University, he / she should submit an application for an assessment of education to each faculty separately. The Rectorate of Charles University will ensure that all faculties make the same decision. Anyone who uses the above method of verifying his/her foreign education will not receive any document certifying the recognition of their education. He/she will only be allowed to enroll in the study. In this case, no separate administrative procedure is required, because the whole process is a part of the verification of the conditions within the admission procedure. Accelerated nostrification does not prevent a student from later applying for a general nostrification of his / her foreign education, if he / she is interested.

Detailed information regarding the procedure of “accelerated nostrification” is available on the faculty's website in Czech and in English

A fee of CZK 870 must be paid for the assessment of education for the purpose of admission to study and the following documents must be submitted:

  • completed Form 

  • certified copy of master's diploma or a similar document (eg certificate of completion) issued by a foreign university

  • original or certified copy Diploma Supplement or Academic Transcript

B) It is also possible to apply for general nostrification, which is universally valid in the Czech Republic. It can be used as a document for admission to study at all universities in the Czech Republic, it is also recognized by state institutions such as the Labor Office, etc. Successful applicants for nostrification will receive a certificate of recognition of their foreign education. However, it should be borne in mind that neither the application nor the payment of a fee guarantees that nostrification will be successful.

Information on the general nostrification at Charles University can be found here in Czech and in English

Documents required for general nostrification:

  • application for recognition of foreign higher education (charged in the amount of CZK 3,000)

  • officially certified copy of diploma or adequate document issued by a foreign university

  • officially certified copy of transcript of diplomas or Diploma Supplement

  • official translations of both documents into Czech (translation is not required if the original documents are in English)

Long-term residence permit for the purpose of scientific research or study 

Before taking the next steps,  contact Ms. Pavla Pousková (pavla.pouskova@natur.cuni.cz) from the science support department (OPV).

Note that residence permit is not the same as long-term visa. It is necessary to distinguish these terms when communicating with the authorities, like embassies or consulates.

The process of application for a  residence permit:

  1. Citizens of the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not need visa to enter the country, but if they stay longer 30 days, they must register with the Foreign Police, and when they stay over 3 months, they must apply for a long-term residence,  

  2. Third-country (non-EU) citizens are required to apply for a long-term residence permit before entering the territory of the Czech Republic through the Embassy of the Czech Republic. The authorities should issue a decision within 60 days. However, this period may be extended in special circumstances.

The research support department (OPV) also facilitates the contact of applicants with other entities, such as Euraxess, Staff Welcome Center or UK Point.

Theoretically, the whole process would not have to concern the supervisor at all. However, it is recommended to ask the student regularly about the progress of the whole process and if he/she needs any assistance. In the event that the student will be employed by the faculty, the hosting agreement + commitment letter will be provided by the human resources department.

Documents required for the application for a residence permit for the purpose of scientific research:

  • Acceptance letter (CZ / EN) or hosting agreement + commitment of the organization

  • Valid travel documents (valid at least 3 months longer than the validity of the residence permit)

  • 2 photographs

  • Criminal Record Check (Penal Register Record) 

  • Proof of infectivity assays (not required in all cases)

  • Confirmation of receiving institution (pandemic measures). The faculty issues this confirmation against a signed affidavit. This document does not need to be submitted in the original. It is documented immediately upon receipt of the visa.


       Charles University Staff Welcome Centre

In addition to the above, the documents required to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of study include:

  • Letter confirming admission to a PhD study programme (instead of the acceptance letter + commitment letter in the list above)

  • Accommodation voucher and contract

  • Proof of funds

  • Health insurance


All documents must be submitted  as originals, not be older than 180 days.       

Since 2017, it is also possible to process the applications in the so-called “Student Mode”, which allows the applicants admitted to study at a Czech university the opportunity to obtain an earlier appointment at the embassy. The list of documents to be submitted and the deadline for processing the application remain the same.

Comprehensive information on the student regime for students admitted to Czech universities, including a list of participating countries, is available on the website of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic: http://www.msmt.cz/vzdelavani/vysoke-skolstvi/rezim-student

Registration for the student mode is performed by  Ms. Valerie Havrdová from the study department.

Students can apply for being included in this regime only if they have a decision on admission to study (hence the nostrification of their master's degree) and come from countries that are included in the regime. Students from other countries must apply at the relevant embassy of the Czech Republic.

Health insurance 

Each student must have health insurance. 

Note that some commercial insurances may not be accepted by the authorities because of insufficient coverage. See the link below for some recommended insurance companies: https://online.infocizinci.cz/?lang=en 


After acceptance by the Dean, the student can request accommodation within the Dormitories and refectories and other accommodation capacities of Charles University. Some types of accommodation are intended only for students, others can be used also by employees of the university. The OPV facilitates the initial communication with the accommodation facilities of the university or can recommend some other accommodation options. In later stages, the students / employees manage it themselves, or in cooperation with the OPV. To book a long-term accommodation, a passport scan, email and the planned arrival date are required. If the accommodated person cannot arrive on the booked date, the booking can be postponed if the OPV is informed in advance. Student dormitories require the payment of a long-term deposit for long-term stays. If this does not happen the reservation may be canceled. Only in special  cases, the deposit can be paid upon arrival.

Arrival in the country

Those who applied for a long-term stay and arrive with the so-called entry visa have to apply for an appointment at the Ministry of the Interior, Department of asylum and migration policy (OAMP) within 3 days after the arrival. During the appointment, the officials will register the incoming person, collect biometric data and then issue a residence card (the long-term residence permit). 

Registration can be arranged at the OAMP Foreign Police Department, student workplace tel. No. 974 820 680, Komenského dormitory, Hládkov 682/9, Prague 6, online registration for appointments in English: https://frs.gov.cz/en. It is possible to arrange an appointment also by telephone but only in Czech language. Registration without an appointment is not possible. Personal meetings at the OAMP are in English. 

Foreigners who arrived after 1.1.2021 must complete an integration-adaptation course within 1 year after the arrival, see the website of the Staff Welcome Centre


Covid-19 measures upon arrival

Note that the covid-related information is changing quickly and easily becomes outdated. 

For up-to-date information, visit these websites: 



Ministry of health

Ministry of interior


Arrival: In general, a negative covid-19 test is required upon arrival in the country, and another test should be done within a few days after the arrival. Until the result of the second test is available, the arriving person should restrict any social contact to the necessary minimum. Without a valid negative test, students and staff cannot be admitted to laboratories and workplaces.

Accommodation: All arriving students must have a valid negative test for COVID-19. The students who do not have it will be quarantined until they obtain a negative test. If the test is positive, the student will be placed in isolation. In such a case, the student should contact the Hygiene Station immediately, which will give them further instructions: covid-hc@hygpraha.cz, or he can fill in a self-report: https://www.covidlab.cz/

Extension of the stay

Residence permits are initially issued only for one year. An application for extending a residence permit should be submitted within a maximum of 90, and at least 15 days before the end of the validity of the current permit. If the stay is not extended, the student may be expelled from the country.

Extending of long term residence

Please note:

  1. Short validity of the certificate of study or health insurance can lead to a shortening of the residence permit.

  2. The travel documents (passport) must be valid at least 3 months longer than the validity of the residence permit

  3. date when the stay can be extended

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