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Physical Education


SIS code Course name Term Dept.
MS730C Physical Education – Optional WT + ST 0/1 C    7300
MS730LKV Summer Training Course – Optional      ST 0/1 C    7300


Dept. = Department responsible for the course
7300 = Department of Physical Education

SIS = Student Information System

WT = Winter Term / Semester (October – February)
ST = Summer Term / Semester (February – June)

Hours per week: e.g. 1/1 = 1 lecture (45 minutes) + 1 exercise (45 minutes)
Ex = Exam,  C = Credit

Please, note, MARKS can be given only for subjects finishing with an exam (Ex or C+Ex in the detail of the subject) !!!
Other subjecst can be evaluated only with credit points!


How to use the offer of sports provided
by the Dpt. of Physical Education:

  1. Choose Physical Education (MS730C) as your course taught in English and upload this subject into SIS (Student Information System). This step is necessary because of your health insurance provided by the faculty in case of injury.

  2. Most of scheduled sports (specific lessons) will already be full – Czech students can enroll the lessons sooner, Erasmus students after their arrival and enrollment at the faculty (Faculty Erasmus Office).
    Even in this case, you can choose some sports from the list of scheduled sport lessons (here), but you have to contact the teacher beforehand. The teachers of the Dpt. of Physical Education will try to make it possible for you to attend such lessons.

  3. If you don´t know the email addresses of the teachers (available in SIS) or you have any questions, please, don´t hesitate to contact Mgr. Kateřina Feitová, Ph.D. at feitovak@natur.cuni.cz. You can also come to Hostivař Sport Centre in time of the chosen lessons and ask the teacher from the Dpt. of Physical Education personally.

  4. If you attend any sport lesson each week during the term (semester), you are evaluated 1 ECTS. P. E.

  5. Physical Education at the Faculty of Science is free of charge, but lessons out of Hostivař (SCUK) must be paid (hockey, beach volleyball) !

We hope you will enjoy the our sports well !


Regulations connected with Physical Education



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