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Labs and basic rules
Summary of all labs and basic rules and regulations
Sediment Lab
Sediment lab (aka "dirty" lab) is meant for work with soil, floating, sieving, core cutting, starting cultivation experiments etc. It is equipped with basic lab equipment, e.g. Petri dishes and beakers. Demineralized water is available. Soil floating is possible thanks to a sediment tank under the sink.
Lab of geobotany no. 17 & Scale room
Lab 17 (S17) is meant for classical geobotanical-chemical analyses. It is equipped with drying ovens and classical chemical equipment. Inside the lab, there is a scale room with accurate (1 pc) and super-accurate (1 pc) analytical scales. All scales are plugged into a computer and can save values automatically.
Flow Cytometry Lab
The lab is specialized in DNA analyses of ploidy levels and measurements of the absolute size of plant and animal genome.
Lab for paleoecology and karyology
Lab for paleoecology and karyology is equipped with a high-quality fume hood and is used for various analyses, e.g. chemical preparation of microfossils.

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