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Growth chambers

Description, rules of use and scheduling of the Department of Botany’s growth chambers

The newest growth chamber (Conviron) is located on the ground floor (B11) and enables the setting of temperature, lighting and relative humidity. (For those interested in the technical parameters, look for the Conviron Adaptis A-1000, TC-kit). The older growth chamber (ThermoForma located in the geobotanical laboratory) enables the setting of lighting time and temperature regime. When using a chamber, please reasonably consider the degree of lighting and humidity control you really need.

To use both growth chambers more efficiently (the new Conviron and older ThermoForma), there is an on-line calendar accessible from the same web interface used for faculty mail – Google calendar (this requires a user name – like the one used for mail or a classroom, and a password – like the one used for CAS/mail) here. 9 am- 12 pm should be for the ThermoForma chamber and 1 – 4 pm for the Conviron chamber.

If you want to reserve space in a chamber for a particular time, you have two options: ask someone from your laboratory to make a reservation for you (there are about 15 such people in the department), or ask Martin Weiser to add you – to do this you need to know your faculty e-mail address (user name respectively).

The chambers also have an e-mail forum, rustovky-usergroup@natur.cuni.cz, where you can post messages, report necessary repairs, and communicate with other users.

Please sign up sensibly. Costs (electricity, inspections and repairs) are paid by the Department, deionized water is supplied by the geobotanists.

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