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A new coffee machine has been now installed in the new kitchen (room no. 106). We have a functional system of payments for coffee and at the same time supply by responsible persons from a nearby Kaldi coffeehouse in Vyšehradská. We want to offer participation on this to all department colleagues with a hope that it will stimulate fruitful discussions upon morning (10:15am) or afternoon (2:15pm) coffee (or tea), or lunchtime.

Following rules:

  • Access to the kitchen (key) can be obtained from Ondřej Koukol.
  • One coffee costs 8 CZK
  • Milk will be available in the fridge
  • Please pay your consumption immediately or write down into the notebook and pay afterwards into the money box, which will be kept in a safe place (will be announced)
  • Please contact responsible person or get new coffee beans at Vyšehradská 17 (Kaldi café) if we are out of coffee beans. In any circumstances do not put there other kind of coffee beans, e.g from a supermarket!
  • You can use filtered water from Brita pot, Ondra is taking care of replacing the filter.
  • Do not take away any dishes (mugs, cups, cutlery etc.)

Responsible persons: Ondřej Koukol (room), Eva Horčičková, Petr Kuneš (coffee, let us now if you want to join the team)

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