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Labs and basic rules

Summary of all labs and basic rules and regulations

Following labs are available for classic botanical work. Labs are ordered from the dirtiest jobs to the cleanest. More detailed info can be found on pages of individual labs.


Name and link

What is it used for


Sediment lab

Working with soil

Barbora LepkováJakub Štenc

Geobotanical lab (17) and scale room

Chemical analyses, weighing

Barbora LepkováJakub Štenc

Flow cytometry lab

Flow cytometry

Hana Šípková

Lab of paleoecology and karyology

Paleoecological and karyological analyses

Václav Šulc

If you are interested in working in any of these labs, contact manager of this lab directly.

General rules

It is not possible to work in the labs unless you follow these rules:

  1. It is possible to work in the lab only after initial training by the manager.
  2. You must contact the manager at least 48 hours (in cytolab 14 days) prior to your work. The manager will book your slot in the lab calendar. Report the manager all equipment you will need (e.g. analytical scales, mill, oven).
  3. Only after agreement with the manager, you will be lent a key.
  4. Upon arrival, write down your name and planned work in the lab log book.
  5. After finishing, bring the lab into its original condition. Clean used glassware, put all equipment where it belongs, turn off computers.
  6. Before leaving, close the windows and mark the time of your departire in the log book.

Work in the lab without prior agreement from the manager is not possible! In case you will not follow rules for work in the lab, we stipulate the possibility to block you access to the lab.


Safety measures

Whoever working in the labs must study and know basic rules and measures for lab safety. This knowledge must be then confirmed by signature. The rules and measures as well as the signature list is available in inzovna, the back room of the main office (no. 28a) with Jakub Stenc.



All work must be booked in the geobotanical calendar. Ask manager to book you a time slot. If you work in the lab often, ask the managers to give you editor role.

The cytolab has its own FCM calendar. Only the lab manager can book you a slot in the calendar.

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